Cottoncandycat12's Introduction!

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  1. So hi! Lol, My name is Cottoncandycat12 (but you can just call me Candy for short)
    I decided to join the Empire because I love playing Minecraft, but I am not smart enough to set up a server myself!
    So a little about myself!
    I am currently 19, about to turn 20 in May!
    I was in college, but after some problems with money and motivation, I dropped out for a semester
    I love cats! Like loooooove cats! I have 5 cats, though only 3 really belong to me
    I also love to play League of Legends!
    I am a novice artist. I use Paint Tool Sai as my go to program for drawing
    I love to listen to music! But I am pretty picky about my music and I don't have a preferred music genre
    I am pretty shy as well. I don't usually talk to people on my own and wait until I am approached! I am trying to get over this bad habit, so please be patient with me if I act strange around you!
    I think that's about it! So yea, hi!
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  2. Welcome to the Empire! I am always on SMP8 if you need anything!
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  3. Thanks! If I ever have trouble, I'll hit you up!
  4. HI, Welcome
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  5. Thanks, glad to be here!
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  6. Nice of you to join the Empire. You'll grow to love it here. Nice people, attentive staff, and down right awesome builds. Good luck...
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  7. Welcome to EMC! If you ever need anything let me know :)
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  8. Welcome to the empire! Don't worry, I am a little quiet irl too, so don't worry I am fine with that. :)
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  9. Thank you
  10. Thanks! Someone that understands the quiet people :D
  11. Welcome to EMC

    I have played EMC for a while too
    Once I found EMC I stayed and I feel like you will too
    There is plenty to do here and build
    The people are great as well
    Even the staff are awesome
    All the special things here is custom so all special things in EMC are only in EMC
    So have fun and enjoy can't wait to see your reaction to your first momentus encounter lol
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  12. <-----------------
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  13. lol foxy ill blame u if he/she doesn't
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  14. No, you can assume I stuffed her inside a suit. Nothing out of the ordinary ;)
  15. Hi Candy. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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