Cosmopolitan Corporation

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I am 72Volt! You've probably never heard of me, but that's irrelevant.

    I would like to announce the foundation of a new firm in Empire Minecraft, the Cosmopolitan Corporation!
    The Cosmopolitan Corporation (or C2) will operate as a dealer of Glowstone, as well as participating in the mining and beacon industries later on, which I have identified to be the two most lucrative industries on EMC.

    10% of the C2 will be under the ownership of the Neorepublican Government. The remaining 90% will be owned by myself, although I will float 10% in shares for people to buy, with the permission of the EMC Staff.

    On this thread, I will post all necessary info about the C2. New job openings, items in the corporate inventory, and other developments. I will also post some now. :D
    • I'm looking to pay people to eggify and spawn villagers until a desired trade has been offered by a villager. For each desired result which is found, you will be paid 15r for the service. If you keep at this, you can make a reasonable wage for yourself.
    • Currently in the corporate inventory, I have 5 Ore Busters, an Independence Day Firework, a New Empire Firework, 30 Diamonds, 295 Glowstone (4 stacks plus 39 blocks) and 32 Bottles O' Enchanting. The glowstone and Bottles are, however, the only ones up for sale. I have valued the total quantity of glowstone at 5,899r, and the Bottles at 599r. Please post below if you have an interest in these items, and try to beat the valuation for the best chance of securing what you want!
    Without further ado, let the hype build!
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  2. Volt, you are one of the best know people on EMC... the NR...lessons on economics...LAVA WALLS

    anyways, seems cool. Might buy sum shares in it
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  3. Oh, we know you alrght ;)
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  4. Do you? Last time I checked, I was a very obscure and overlooked member of the community. Might build some lava walls and joke about them to get popular. :cool:
  5. I have set up a chestshop selling Glowstone 20r a block on SMP4, 9240! If you live on SMP4, take the opportunity, and buy oneself some excellent shiny bright Glowstone blocks to decorate your residence with!

    Also, anyone know how much Eff 3 Silk Touch pickaxes go for?
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  6. Sorry for triple post. Over 8 stacks of glowstone and 2 stacks of Exp Bottles are waiting at 9240!
  7. Quadruple post because no activity or attention.

    I now have 4 stacks of Exp Bottles, available for purchase at 9240 at the chest shop for 5,120r, but I might knock the price down to 4,999r. Also, 10 stacks of glowstone, selling in the chestshop for 12,800r, I'll knock the price down to 11,999r, if someone comes and gets it now. :cool:
  8. The highest consumer "wanting" item isn't glowstone/enchatment bottles
    They're sandstone, quartz, and diamonds :p
    I has Good English Grammar -_-
  9. Noted, thanks for your contribution. I do plan to expand into the mining, beacon and Nether goods industries, I'm using glowstone as a springboard. I'll probably discontinue the enchantment bottles once I get them all sold. Once I get my current inventory sold, I also want to set up a sugar cane farm on an adjacent residence, using an alt to claim, so then I can mass produce paper for villager trading.
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  10. Hah, the mass-paper idea reminds me of my Survival world (single-player), where I found a village with a lot of sheep roaming around. Quite a few of the villagers wanted to trade for wool so I gathered together a pen with a perimeter approximately 10x15 or so blocks packed so tightly with sheep that they couldn't move.

    Ah, the emeralds!
  11. I currently have 13 stacks of Stone (which I can manufacture into Stone Bricks upon your request), 1 stack of Coal Ore and 2 blocks of Diamond Ore I'm looking to sell, anyone interested? :)
  12. I'm looking for two people to mine with me in the SMP4 Wastelands, anyone interested? :)