Cory's Top 10: Reasons I love EMC

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  1. Cory's Top 10
    Reasons I Love EMC

    1. The community is so supportive and there when you need them.
    2. The economy is better than any other Economy Server I've ever been a part of.
    3. The custom items are amazing, I love collecting them.
    4. The players are fun, never a boring moment on SMP8.
    5. The staff are far better than most servers.
    6. Events and Contest are unique and fun to participate in.
    7. Forums are amazing and active.
    8. EMC keeps survival completely vanilla, while adding custom mobs and items that make it even more fun.
    9. Supporter Perks are balanced, no over powered abilities or features. For now.
    10. Staff are much more interactive than on most servers.
    Feel free to leave your top 10 reasons below.
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  2. Keliris' Top 10!
    1. The people of course! There are some odd ones but a ton of people are great and always great to hang out with. I am finding more everyday and its my 500th day soon(on my first acc.)
    2. The promos, I can never have enough and I can't part with them.
    3. The staff, as they usually are quite fun to talk to no matter what they are doing.
    4. The events that bring the community together.
    5. This may be a lame one, but pvp. I have made at least two friends just from going there every day.
    6. Smp5 the server where only a few people stay but the ones that do are some of the best.
    7. The wide range of ages, with a wide range of knowledge so people can always help.
    8. 8, 8 I forget what 8 was for(anyone? anyone get that reference?)
    9. Outposts, a community within a community.
    10. The economy as I can always sell something that I count as junk in my vaults.

    Yes I agree on all accounts :)
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    What is that supposed to mean?
  4. My top 10 reasons for loving EMC:

    1. SMP8
    2. SMP8
    3. SMP8
    4. SMP8
    5. SMP8
    6. SMP8
    7. Luckygreenbird (He's forcing me to type this one)
    8. SMP8
    9. SMP8
    10. SMP8
  5. On one server (Not EMC), a staff member threatened to ban me then gave me free cake and golden pants. Now that's a great staff member.
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  6. Would you like some cake and golden pants?
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  7. Nah, I'll take a burger and fries.
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  8. O pleez yes sir!
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  9. Do you want to supersize that?
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  10. How can you just serve your own kind to other people like that?
  11. 99.9% agree with this. smp9 for life! ;)
  12. Yes!
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  13. Very nice!
    Good motivations!
    I think mine would have much in common with yours, even though EMC has much more than 10 reasons to love it.
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  14. Awww <3 Lov ya too!
  15. ...I didn't mean...
    Lol just kidding, you are much better than the spammy ones :)
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  16. Not sure I can think of 10 reasons why I love EMC, but here's a few:

    1. It's an awesome server - Variety, Events, Supporter & Voting Perks.
    2. My favourite SMP - SMP8 of course! It's a fun place to be, with loads of laughs & even a touch of weirdness. :p
    3. Active Forums - Great way to keep up with current events, updates and staying in touch with other peeps.
    4. Lots of friendly/helpful staff.
    5. Refer to reason #1 - No need to say more. :D
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  17. My few reasons:

    1) Fair and legit playing, in that people cannot 'creative in' blocks/items.
    2) All of you who make this place a heck of a lot of fun that makes me love logging in as much as possible.
    3) Never knowing what I will end up doing, regardless of what 'plans' I may have.
    4) Having synergy in the servers, in that we can focus on what we enjoy, and have others 'fill in' where we are deficient in playing.
    5) Having an owner who cares about our community. (#AikarBrokeIt)

    I am sure there are many more.
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  18. To all the reasons for love of EMC in this thread - yes! The one thing that has kept me here the most though is the community, and I really mean that. I feel like I fit in here and there's so many great people to talk to and get to know. Great things have happened to me because of EMC and I feel like it really has positively changed my life, for I enjoy the game and enjoy the company of many of the people here also.
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