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  1. What's up guys, it's Cory (a.k.a CoryLovesYou, iRupees, Nccoryg, and EmpireBrothers) and I'll be coming back to EMC very soon. I'll begin recording within a few days that I am back and I already have a few videos planned out. This thread will be added to very soon.

    I started the channel a few months ago and it has grown to over 11,000 views and over 340 Subscribers! I never imagined I'd even get this far, and I can't wait to go even farther. I can't wait to expand my content to EMC and our community. I love this server and have a lot of amazing ideas for videos.

    I have loved gaming since I was very little, playing on the Playstation 2 and Nintendo 64. It has grown to be my passion in life, from developing to playing games.

    -Let's Play EMC EP 1
    -Top 5 EMC Outpost
    -Friday Night Mining Montage

    If you have any video suggestions/request please submit them below and if I use it you'll be given credit.


    Please consider subscribing, I'll be doing tons of giveaways for my subscribers, as well as collabs, and other secret stuff that is later to be revealed!

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  2. Thread updated.
  3. Gonna be good to see you back, we'll put the past behind us :)
  4. I got an idea, for just a fun video, spawn in 3 withers on difficulty 10 and try to kill them without dying :)
  5. Am I allowed to have others help?
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  6. I'd say yes, it'd make it more interesting because you can have some sort of a strategy and chance, and if there are multiple people involved it's often more fun to watch.
  7. It sounds like a really good video, maybe get 4-5 people together and build an arena out in the wastelands.
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  8. Oh yeah, I'll help too if you'd need it
  9. More subs than Pewdiepie.
  10. Bump! Thanks for 350 Subs!