Corruptio Marlix discussion

Discussion in 'Writers' Corner' started by autumnrain26, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. So I am not sure if anyone has newer has actually had a chance to read Casu Marlix, which was released with last year's share your scares, or the even older Tale of Resik's Tomb, which was released in the blog eons ago when I joined the Contributor's Team. I am just wondering if anyone would like to see Corruptio Marlix? And if so, which portion of time should I cover? :confused:

    This thread is an open discussion for a potential lore story.. Just remember that I may need to rewrite the story several times to censor the stories just as I have with the original 2 stories.
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  2. You know me, DT lore always piques my interest.
  3. I read casu marlix.