coral reef project

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  1. i have started a project on my res (8259) to make a coral reef and so i have required myself to dig sll the way to bedrock and its hard as my shovels keep on breaking

    the coral reef is going to either look like a coral reef but have buildings inside or have buildings with coral on the top of them

    please give anymore ideas and plz donate

    Fishy :)
  2. This sounds like a cool idea. I'll look into donating. My rupees are beginning to run a little short for the first time in 10 months...
  3. Only if we had sponges.
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  4. fishyhiggs i really like the sound of this project, so if you head over to my residence (8575) there is a chest waiting for you filled with unused diamond shovels as a donation to help you with your project :D
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  5. tnks beauy
  6. any other ideas guys
  7. You cant get sponge :(
  8. Not one person has used Reply..
    It's a cool idea!
  9. ;)

    Stained Clay will be key in this coral reef of yours!
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  10. Good idea.
  11. tnks for the ideas guys ()<
  12. I've been Scuba Diving before, so maybe I could give a few ideas. Definitely include a wreck, and maybe add an underwater cave or something.
  13. Oh I know :D
    Have IcC fill your res with water >.>
  14. Are you gonna live in a pineapple under the see?
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  15. Yes!!!!!! No, wait. We can't make sponges. D:
  16. No need. Make the pineapple out of coloured clay, spongebob got kicked out by the land lord :3
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  17. That day is Squidwards Happiest day..
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  18. Yup, He had to move to chumbucket :O