Cookie Inc. Iron Hotel

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Do you think this is a Good Idea to help the new players?

Yes 3 vote(s) 100.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Cookie Inc. Hotel

    Hello everybody, I got this idea that popped into my mind watching these new players trying to find a nice residence to stay. Unfortunately they never found one, they got angry, sad and frustrated. As a nice person as I am, I thought of making a hotel. I know a lot of people made Hotels before but I'll need your help. This fancy hotel will have lots of floors. Each floor is 1 home for 1 person. The floors are the easy part, the hard part is affording Iron Blocks. This hotel is made out of nice, shiny Iron Blocks. I made it out of Iron Blocks because I didn't want them to think its a horrible hotel to stay in. So I need all of your help to make this Hotel happen. I am accepting donations of rupees or Iron Blocks. ( Dark grey wool needed too ) If you dont want to donate. Its fine, you can sell each iron block for 35 rupees each at SMP1 Residence 2154. Thank you all for reading and I hope you all help and have a wonderful day. Thanks! :)
  2. i would donate but im building a tower out of iron blocks too on smp5
  3. I will donate some iron (do not expect much though as im not rich) to you because its for a good cause!:D
  4. Well, firstly, I've never walked into a hotel on EMC and thought "Why hasn't this hotel got any Iron Blocks? What a horrible hotel!"

    Secondly, this isn't going to improve the playing experience of new players. If they're so annoyed by the surroundings of their residence to the point they're unable to appreciate the excellent residence system centred around privacy and personal freedom, it's not exactly a solution to offer a room with no building freedom which is relatively small in comparison to an entire 60x60x256 space where one can build anything one wishes.

    If you want to make a hotel, make a hotel, but if you want new players to have a place to build freely if they are dissatisfied with Town, send them to the LLO, we could certainly use more players ^_^
  5. Thanks so much. Each iron counts! :)
  6. Its fine.
  7. At least they get to live in a nice home.
  8. New players don't come here to stay in a nice home, they come here to play Minecraft. And that means building.
  9. But they still go miningg. And they need a Chest to keep storage.