Contribute! to the Atlas of the Eastern Frontier (SMP9)

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  1. Introducing the Atlas of the Eastern Frontier (SMP9).

    Coming from an eastern wilderness outpost myself I have experienced the annoyance of hearing about an outpost but not knowing exactly where it is. This is why I have set about coming up with a definitive map of the Eastern Frontier to aid all whom play in this corner of the server. The latest version of the map itself is attached below:

    If you know of any towns/outposts/cities/natural features that I have missed off then PLEASE contribute by posting the image back to me with the place marked and annotated so I can add it to the main map above.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Can you fill any of the blanks? :)
  3. Potatoville?
  4. Oceana or something of the like is what I believe the settlement over the bridge is called.
    Last I heard the former Oakville was absorbed by Wrem shortly after the fall of the New Republic.
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  5. Yup. Kinda makes you wanna break into song?
  6. I'm resurrecting this thread to bring attention to the region for new players who may want to join one of these fine cities/settlements. I hope many of the original city leaders are still around....
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