Continued fan mail.....

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Leowaste, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. how many times does this happen to you in a week?
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  2. Bahaha bahaha I can't stop laughing... Ouch it hurts my lungs are going to pop
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  3. I get people begging for the egg. saying i dont need it. asking how much money i have. why do I need so much. why wont i sell the egg...

    blah blah blah
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  4. Yep, I've never seen this leowaste character...

    Oh, you have no idea... Thank god I spend all my money :) so I can stem that tide.
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  5. That villager must be pretty upset to you. What did you do kill all his iron golems? :p lol
  6. Well obviously the solution is to stop going AF(EMC) for so long and actually work for your money!;) /sarcasm
  7. If they can't be bothered to work for their money, why should anyone else be bothered to work for their money?
  8. So i dont work for mine?
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  9. *stewie voice* Hahahahaha thats awful thats awful
  10. Oh, except I know exactly who this is.
    *laughs maniacally*
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  11. Me too. I could tell just by the sig when it said SOS
  12. Lol oh wow.. thats pretty harsh..
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  13. i used to get all of this XD
  14. Can I have some money? Like a 300k? Because you do nothin' for it, and I don't have that much, please?

  15. You misunderstand me Leo. That is my point. Anyone has to work to get alot of rupees. If he wont work for his rupees, why should you, or anyone else.
  16. He isn't for 800 or less days on EMC, so he can't get an 800k
  17. Yeah.... and people who probably have Xbox should be saying stuff like that, lol.
    And I quote with edit from his remarks.
    "Yo, no offence meant, and I may continue this comment on another one but Xbox live is no use, using REAL money for using a service that PSN provides for free is useless, I mean I support it but 25 dollars for 3 months is enough to buy anything better, you probably don't even pay your Xbox live, you wait for a couple of months making your parents pay your fee and once bored in one game you ask them to buy you another, you buy another one... no offense to Microsoft meant."
  18. So what, I've gotten plenty of hate mail.