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  1. So, last year, I spent 6 months working on a mod. I wasn't really happy with the final outcome, as it isn't what I planned, and 1.2 broke my wasteland and glacier biomes. The mod is pretty much dead now, as I was discussing 'Biome Trackers' with my friend, and then the thread didn't get another reply.

    I'm working on a minimap mod at the moment, and when I finish that I may start AwesomeCraft++.

    The question is, should I? Natural animal breeding will still be in, just it'll take some time to update.
  2. Definitely, follow your dreams etc. etc.
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  3. Absolutely keep going on it! Have fun coding some java, get some money for donations perhaps, and if it becomes available, i will likely use it :)
  4. With your arm like that? Not a chance in the world, pal!
  5. I mean when it's like...y'know...better...
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  7. The mods is nice.... I don't think the title fits into it.
    I'd love to see that auto animal breed thing here on EMC :p
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  8. :D
  9. Where did everyone find out about cool text? I posted it's name a few days ago lol.
  10. I found it out from this guy a few years back, when there were 3 logos:
  11. Alright, i'm in the process of moving the mod over to my website ( Once 1.4 comes out, and modloader and audiomod (if they do. This new Mod API may break everything) i'll set out to update the mod.