[CONTEST] Win up to 50,000r by playing a simple game!

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  1. I've developed a new, simple game called Quartz Runner. In celebration of me finally learning to use leaderboard APIs, I'm hosting a contest!

    There are leaderboards for top Score and Seconds amount, and the top 2 of each leaderboard will earn huge prizes!

    So now you're wondering how to participate. It's simple! First, go to gamejolt.com and create an account with the same name as your Minecraft character. Then, simply click here and start playing!

    Every time you die, you will see a message alerting you that your scores have been submitted, and that you're logged in. If you do not see these messages, you are not logged in and your scores will not be tracked.

    On the 14th of January at 6PM EST, I'll look at the leaderboards and give these prizes to the current record holders:

    1st Place - 30,000r
    2nd Place - 5,000r

    1st Place - 10,000r
    2nd Place - 5,000r

    Good luck, and have fun!
    If you don't understand any part of this game, you can either try the game or post a reply and I'll try to help you out
  2. How do you jump?
    EDIT: It's really hard to dodge the flying ones :eek:
  3. Press any key on the keyboard or click the screen if you're on a mobile device.
  4. Just a note: You do NOT want to hit the black, flipped Quartzic cubes. They will make terrain tougher and take away score. On the other hand, the regular Quartzic cubes are perfectly safe and grant extra score!
  5. Never got a verification email
  6. Weird, check your spam folder or try to resend it or something maybe?
    I don't host GameJolt so I can't verify you :(
  7. 6th time lucky :p
  8. Not seeing your scores in the scoreboard, you may not be logged in to GameJolt.
    If you are not logged in, your scores will not be uploaded.
  9. Funny...I just finished a round... had over 40,000 isn't updating the scores. Guess I'll try again later
  10. New feature: Multipliers! Rack up a chain of Quartzic blocks without dying or hitting any Ciztrauq blocks and get up to 3x the score!
  11. Things aren't working for me...
    I'm logges in, but I can't play the game when clicking on the "play" button, Is there anything I'm doing wrong as usual? (I'ave tried in chrome and Internet Explorer)
  12. Having a similar issue. I got 31k and won't upload...
    EDIT: It fixed.
    SECOND EDIT: Got around 110k and won't upload.
    THIRD: 85k odd and won't upload.
  13. Try the GameJolt Client or Firefox? Sorry, I can't really diagnose your issue because I'm not hosting the game :(
  14. Can't get to play on iPhone6 I get this error message every time:

    MissingKeyMissing Key-Pair-Id query parameter or cookie value
  15. Sorry, I don't have an iOS device so I can't debug that. It should work in most web browsers though.
  16. Tried Playing It, Didnt Work. It gave Me The same message It gave to Mob_Meal. Is this Game Possible only for Android or IOS devices? If so Please Let me Know cuz Im using a Mac atm and doesn't work :/
  17. I can tell you AussieZaid that it worked fine on both my MacBook and windows PC.
  18. I am sure you have to get it verified as it is off the emc site as you are basically advertising another site.... same was servers work.
  19. May I use something else if it is already in use?
    I'll use EthyGuy.

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