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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to do a contest! So, this is a simple contest. Down below is all the information to know about the contest and how it works. Enter link: Down below in the first comment.

    I'm starting something called "Weekly Contest"! This is where I do contests every week with different objects/subjects! Enjoy them :)

    Contest Object:
    This contest is to in power people and stop bullying. This contest (or the object) is to build something. But, do you know what to build? Well, if you don't, you have to build a pixel art of a Minecraft Skin. (Skin you need to build: Steve). It doesn't have to be in EMC. It can be in a single player world, but then you need to PM me the pictures. No cheating by finding an online picture. I'll be able to tell, btw. You'll be eliminated if you do.

    Contest Rules:
    • No using pictures from the internet - I can tell.
    • Don't brag about winning. [Bragging no rights]
    • Be fair - don't cheat.
    • Be kind, don't be mean to others.
    • Don't show your pictures in the comments, PM me so nobody copies you.
    Way to enter:
    PM me - (Link: CLICK ME!!)

    Show me your image, and I'll declare if you win. Show me at least 3-5 images of your build. Thank you.

    Here's an example of one (I DIDNOT make this, Don't copy):

    Something like that. You can add special things and stuff. But don't just do the head. Do the whole body.

    Also, if you're wondering what the pink thing is, it's a pixel art of a pig.

    Way to Enter (more information):
    Coping other peoples Pixel Arts is bad. You'll be kicked/banned from the contest. People PM me they're Pixel Arts. I'll know if you cheated and stole it.

    Extra Information:
    Remember not to post your pictures in the comment and PM me to enter! Hopefully, You'll enter! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will receive prizes. (In the first comment//More information)


    Edit: NOTICE: Tittle was messed up. Sorry. Thread will be redone next week. Also, we have weekly contests. :)

    Edit (2): This stops bullying because every picture we get I'll empire the Empire to stop bullying when I get online, and post status posts. Saying "Bullying needs to stop. Empower everyone on the Empire to stop it".
  2. Prizes and Winners:

    1st Place:
    2nd Place:
    3rd Place:

    1st Place - 10k and 5 Diamonds
    2nd: 5k and 3 Diamonds
    3rd: 3k and 1 Diamond

    People who participated:

    Thanks for participating everyone! That shows a lot of confidence! <3
  3. Time you have:

    Starts: 1:59 EMC Time (Today)

    Deadline: 1:59 EMC Time on Sunday.
  4. People who entered the contest:
  5. I know bullying is a big thing and needs to be stopped, but how will this stop bullying?
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  6. Forgot to explain that. I need to edit stuff. I already know.

    Edit: Edited thread it's edit #2.
  7. The example is exactly the same as the one i built a while ago :D
  8. Then enter it!! I'll except it :)

    Edit: PM me to enter! - CLICK ME TO PM HELLOKITTYRO!
  9. It dosen't matter if its on an iPad. It just matters that its a Steve Skin.
  10. If you have Xbox 1 and Microsoft on your PC, why don't you stream it and grab a picture?
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  11. Yeah.
  12. Im a nub, i don't know how to do these things :D
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  13. ok then..
  14. wat
  15. i didn't say that..
  16. But I quoted it. Isn't it enough proof? You should read your second edit..
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  17. Not total proof. :p
  18. Close enough :p
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