[Contest] Upgrade skin! (prize)

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  1. I need an upgrade for my skin, all creations must be original and cannot be copied from another person/website.
    prize: 5k (subject to change)
  2. Woo beacon. :p

    Do you have any preference for this "upgrade," details & colors, etc?
    What is it you're actually hoping to get?
  3. same look, fix black patches new lips, keep the hat
  4. I cannot do skins, sorry. But I can give you a tip.

    When you're trying to use invisible text, when you go to change the color, click 'more colors' and under 'color' at the bottom, type #2a2a2a
  5. thanks
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  6. done. where do i send it to?

    EDIT: I'll just post it here.

  7. post it in here please
  8. Tell me if you want anything changed.
  9. can you post it as a file?
  10. How do I do that....?
  11. click on upload a file
  12. in file form,
  13. how do i do that...sorry i dont know anything.
  14. you click on "upload file" next to the post button and find it in your directory

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  15. like this

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  16. did you start it from scratch? or did you just download my skin and tweak it? I was looking for a complete re-construction. and also the mouth looks a bit werid
  17. download skin...i thought thats what you wanted..
  18. Oh well atleast i tried.
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  19. That's kinda what I figured, but your post is a little vague.
    So just to be clear, you're looking to go from flat-color to something with detail, depth and shading. Skin tone, shirt, hair, etc, should all have gradient to them, rather than being a solid color, but you want to keep the overall red/white clothing style and hat.
    Does that about sum it up?