[Contest] The Origins of the Empire

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  1. Have you ever wondered how the Empire came to be? Well here's your chance to shape your imagining of these great servers! Just write a story, upload it to fanfiction.net and link it to me in a PM.

    Why not? This is a chance to have fun!

    You must enter by the 15th June 2012. Any entries afterwards will not be accepted.

    I will vote for the stories myself but depending on interest I may ask someone else to help.

    The prizes will come from a pool of donations. If no donations are made then the contest may not go ahead.


    corn3000 - 975r

    My Shop - 1350r


    Get writing! :D
  2. Does it have to follow the rules of EMC itself?
  3. What do you mean?
  4. i'll try. :)
  5. This is kinda already in the works. Eclypsys is doing the whole golden Empire thing after all, which has a LOT of the back story in it.
  6. Where?
  7. That's a map.
  8. ALL the backstory:

  9. Except I'm already slated to write it all for him and have most of it done. Was just informing youn
  10. Well this is for everyone to have a try, not just one person. Please write for this competition as well. It would be great to have such a great writer in the contest. Also I need more entrants and donators.
  11. Oh don't you dare stop this contest! I'm almost done as well, taking me ages and I don't want it all to be a waste. :(
  12. Since when did I say that I would stop it? :S :D
  13. 5 days left!