Contest Suggestion: Star Wars Build contest

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  1. Good afternoon everyone,
    I was thinking, the LONG awaited sequel to Return of the Jedi opens on December 18th. It is titled:
    The Force Awakens. So wouldnt it be cool if Emc had a Star Wars build contest? What are everyone's thoughts?
  2. Love the idea! Build cotest to honer Star Wars!:)
  3. great idea! *rewatches every single star wars movie*
  4. Alright alright, you kind of ruined the big reveal by being psychic.

    Star Wars is the theme of the November Build Contest to build up the hype before we get into the Holiday season and everything becomes snowmen, reindeer, sleighs, giant spawn trees, etc. There are specifics that will come later, but I suppose you at least deserve to learn that much since you're a mind-reader and all (or I'm just predictable).
  5. I never watched Star Wars lol

    *incoming WAT*
  6. Haha, i guess there are others out there anticipating this movie as much as me:D
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  7. A perfect time to watch the full thing!

    My life will be complete.

    (10 hours Darth Vader breathing if you can't see.)
  8. Theres very little that isnt cool about james earl jones:p
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  9. I like this.
    But already have been working on a few comprehensive star wars builds in utopia for most of this year (not just in town)... wonder if it still counts ☺
  10. Can't wait to see this contest and the 4th movie in the series. (Those other 3 should not exist)
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  11. Lol, very true. Though the 3rd one was the least terrible of the bad movies.
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  12. Yes!!! So hyped about this! Build contest are the best thing ever. And EMC makes them epic. The fact it's star wars just blows me out of the water.I'm glad no one can see my happy dance atm >.>

    Lol is it a coincidence that this movie is premiering on my anniversary? (Dances a merry jig)
  13. Defending any part of the last three star wars movies creates is heresy.... lets not go there.


    I have made contact with the rebels and all is proceeding as you wished, Darth Vader.

    I wont fall in a sarlacc pit this time...