[CONTEST] Story Writing Competition

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  1. Are YOU a great Story teller or writer? Then come and join this contest now!

    Write a story on HOW you think Empire Minecraft was created and stand to win prizes!

    Rules and Guidelines:
    1) You can only submit 1 entry/story. ( 1 entry per person)
    2) You may include pictures (may be drawn or taken from the internet)
    3)You may use your imagination to make the story funny!
    4) IMPORTANT! You cannot swear in your story! ( Otherwise, not only will your post be removed but also you will be banned)
    5) The dateline is on: August 6 2012 at 12am GMT
    5) The entry with the most number of likes win!
    Entry Criteria:
    1) Your story must be between 100- 500 words long.
    2) Your story must include these 2 names: IceCreamCow/Jeremy/ICC and JustinGuy/Justin (You may include other names too!)

    Prizes!! ( Looking for donations! )
    1st - 11050r + 35 diamonds
    2nd - 6030r + 19 diamonds
    3rd - 4015r + 10 diamonds
    Your stories would be compiled into a book too!

    Help us by donating!
    Send me a donation form:
    Amount you wish to donate:
    After you donated do transfer the rupees to my account right away or as soon as possible!

    Your donation is much appreciated! So get creative and think up a story now!
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  2. You should wait until 1.3 to do this
  3. Im pretty sure Brennian already made a book writing contest...
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  4. link?
  5. Wait NVM go on im pretty sure he left. :(:)
  6. Yes i will compile the best stories into a book
  7. Please dont hijack my thread anymore :(
  8. Lol if I remember (remind me) I'll donate a stack of diamonds as prize money!
  9. Name: migueldemesa
    amount: 100 r =] Every rupee counts right? :confused:
  10. Oh gosh. Long time until due date. Imagination required. Count me in!

    P.S Whyyy 100-300 words whyyyy?!
  11. Too long or too short?
  12. Short >.<
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  13. Made it longer
  14. Yay! And im new to this, so may i ask where I submit my entry? Thanks ;)
  15. Just submit it in here
  16. I would love to do this....How do I apply? Thanks
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  17. Just post your story here.
  18. Ok let's get started
  19. One day hayjam, Icecreamcow, superval junior, Justinguy, Green mystery and zaccyboy23 where on a Basketball team. (No bench)
    One day they where losing 20 to 60 with one quarter to go it was the grand final. One minute into the last quarter superal junior was shooting the lights out he shot 10 points.(30 to 60) 5 minutes later it was 48 to 60. Hayjam 2 points, Icecreamcow 4 points, superal junior 8 points, Justinguy 4 points. With 2 minutes to go zaccyboy23 shot a 3 pointer and then we called a time out.(57 to 60) with 1 minute to go Justinguy dribbled it down the court passed it to Hayjam and got fouled and went to the line for 2 shots he made them both with 30 seconds to go they dribbled it in Hayjam got the steal and went for the lay up got fouled and missed the lay up. He made the first shot so much pressure on Hayjam but he make the second shot with 6 seconds to go! They dribbled it down the court with 3 seconds to go it went out of bounds but it you there ball! With 1 second to go they shot it and they missed hayjam got the rebound and just put it in his arms and they WON! Big celebration mums were kissing. AWW I can't believe this we have one hayjam said and they put him on there shoulders and carry him around! They let the other team score less in the last quarter.

    (that happened to me and we had a party)
  20. No, he took a break, just like Eclipsys did