[Contest] Skin.

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  1. Hey!

    Highbuddy here! with a new contest, Skins, make a EMC themed skin with some cool stuff and win cool prize's.


    Donate some prize's and i'll put them here. Rupees, Items.

    Send skin.

    Pm me the skin with a IMGUR link.



    May the best win! NOTICE: No copied skin, Only original.
  2. I would Like to be a judge because i think it will be a fun thing to do
    yes i have made many skins of my own with my bamboo tablet
    i have played on emc for 101 days
  3. oh and age 11 yrs old
  4. I'm in! :D
    Looking forward to seeing all the great ideas people come up with
  5. I am in but I am not a judge
  6. Accepted
  7. IGN: nfell2009
    Why you wanna be a judge! Because I love to be part of something and help out!
    Have other experience in skin making: Made my own company still doing orders! Click Here
    How long playing on EMC: 225 From NOW!!
    Age: 14
    Other Notes: I would love to be part of this! And made finsups skin
  8. If someone makes a phoenix skin, I'll use it.
  9. well i made my skin.... its not that good.... do you want me to send it anyway? btw it has my initalls on the back
  10. imma use a differint skin...
  11. Where could I find a skin template?
  12. newgrounds "skincraft"
  13. Try Miners Need Cool Shoes.
  14. The skins can be send to me in a PM with a imgur link.
  15. cool i made a skin the is grate for this can i use a planet minecraft link?
  16. Am i a judge?
  17. Does it have to be emc based