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  1. Skin Makers!

    After making Herobrin3 a Andy Murray skin, I kinda liked making skins so now im taking orders! For free but once I have made you a skin please give me a donation of rupees for my time! Any order just post some photos and I will try my hardest I use my own program that I made. (VERY BASIC!)

    ~ Thank You ~
    ~ Nfell2009 ~
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  2. Can i have a skin with me wearing a tux and a B on the back? it would be nice is you could keep the face on my current skin pretty similar. if its too hard pm me please :)
  3. sure i will try now ;)

    EDIT: can i have your skin? so i can edit off that
  4. I want a cool guy with DP in the back wearing some 3D glasses and some TNT shoes (lol) the other clothes can be anything you would like :)
  5. sure on it now :p
  6. Can you make an Aether Slime (The blue slime skin that I am currently using) with a tuxedo please? I will send you the Aether slime skin when I get a chance later today
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  7. How do i give you it? the link?
  8. ok thank you, i then can upload it then edit it
  9. aether_slime.png
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  10. upload to imgur or attach onto here then i can download and edit
  11. the tnt shoes dont seem to work, the TNT is messing up any other type of shoe?
  12. I think this is a great idea; a really nice service :) I wish nfell the very best in this; I think you'll be pretty busy, but it'll be fun :)
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  14. Apart from tnt Squid shoes or just some design that u like
  15. huh? Just say what type i cant do TNT sorry
  16. This is a pretty good idea. Bear in mind there ARE limits to what he can do, guys.
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  17. Here is the real one attached

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  18. Any more skin orders?
  19. Still dealing with 1 order until i receive skin to edit, so any more orders?
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