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  1. So, A long time ago, I played a game, and it had no name. then, when I moved to Smp7, I re-created it. I called it Drop-Ball! And Now... It's time for you to make a sport!

    -Sport Must Have a name.
    -Sport Must Use Vanilla Mechanics Only.
    -Sport Cannot Use Items That are not obtainable by non-OP items, or Ultra-Rare Items. (e.g. Bedrock, command Blocks, end portals, dragon eggs, spawners.)
    -Sport must be something that can fit in a 58*58 block space.
    -Sport must not exploit any glitch or bug.
    -Any EMC rules must apply (e.g. It must be fun!)
    -Sport must have rules set to prevent cheating, or making it too easy.
    -You Must Supply The Materials To Build The Sport.
    -You may not submit over 2 entries.

    The Winner will win:, and each will win:

    -Their Sport being made for the Void Inc. Casino
    -a Sheep!
    Feel Free to donate to the prize pool! (Items, and rupees.)
    NOTE: Winners will be selected 1 month after 20 Entries are recieved.
    - 72Volt KOTH
    -72Volt Labyrinth
    -Jacob5089 Sheep Dropper
    -LexieBommel10 Food Frenzy



    Good Luck!
  2. Do the sports have to be original?
    Can I submit more than one entry?
  3. Sorta-Kinda original. so not soccer or football or baseball, but something unoriginal, but still not a copy of something is ok. yes, you can submit over 1 entry, but you can only submit 2.
  4. Sheep dropper :D you build piston mechanics that move around and cover holes that sheep can fall through, then you have to release the sheep at the correct time.
  5. k

    Name of Entry 1: King of the Hill
    Description: The playing field is like a regular Minecraft map boxed in the 58*58 area, with one hard-to-reach place that is designated the 'hill' and enclosed by an obsidian crucible.

    The four players/teams must chop down the trees and mine for iron and diamonds within the 58*58 biosphere (the diamonds and iron do not necessarily need to be in ore form, you could just hide chests in stone and fill them with diamonds etc.) and use the Diamonds to break through the crucible.

    At the bottom of the map will be a 3 block deep empty pit with a 1-block thick layer of dirt above it. Any players pushed into this pit are disqualified.

    Three ways to win: in a timeless game, stay on the hill for a period of time agreed by all players, or in a timed game, stay on the hill for the majority of the time. If nobody gets over 50% on the first game, the player with the least time in the hill is eliminated and another game is held. This continues until a winner is declared. If all other players are stuck in the pit, you win.

    Name of Entry 2: Labyrinth Capture
    Description: The playing field is a large multi-level maze. Teams consist of 3 people each, with 4 teams in total. Each team starts at whatever corner they choose. The goal is to capture as many chokepoints in the maze as possible, by placing your team's coloured wool block on the chokepoint, to mark it as yours. You are also permitted to remove the blocks of other team's. Once a chokepoint is held, you are free to destroy the maze on that floor or block it up as you please. If you hold 2 floors, it is also possible to create pitfalls, which I will now discuss.

    Throughout the maze are pitfalls. Anyone who falls in one of these is disqualified. Throughout the maze are chests with trap ingredients in them, allowing you to create a trap at a pitfall to capture another player.

    Chests also contain pickaxes, water buckets and obsidian. Pickaxes can be used in clearing a floor's maze, obsidian can be used in blocking a maze, and water buckets can be used in traps.

    One wins when all non-team members are trapped in pitfalls, or one's team holds all of the Labyrinth's chokepoints.
  6. An idea I have for tracking the winner would be to have the "hill" a pressure plate, which connects to a clock. Said clock is connected to dispenser which will fire "item", to the player, and the player with the most wins.
  7. You. You are smart.
  8. Mind if I quote you on that? ;)
  9. I'm not exactly going to send bailiffs or other mean people to your door if you do so without my permission. But yes, you may.
    Other mean people include He Who Shall Not Be Named, Economy Ruining Tyrants, Utopia Destroyers, myself with a few buckets of lava, Nfell the evil spammer, pandas which maul people for ramen, and of course Craspcraft the evil band of griefers.
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  10. You sir, need to work on your invisible text :p Use #2b2b2b
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  11. I use 2a2a2a
  12. Please Note that the 4 winners may have their game tweaked slightly.
  13. ok then my game is now called food frenzy so far it is with dispencers underground pushing food and heres the best part fireworks up my demo I have made at smp9 18042 had 4 dispencers each one with a food and fire work except for one to keep the fire works going also there is a cake in one dispencer randomly who ever gets that gets the prize though others go home happy with the food the won. Others are already playing it at my res and the ppl who like it almost alwase come to play when I announce it will start. FYI if u comeing to play play 4 fun not 4 food if u sit around waiting for food to come up that is boring. FYI if u can come cheack it out that is the best way to judge.:p
  14. hey dude do u think u have like smaller prize or atlease say who u think would win
  15. Code Cracker
    The rest of the info is coming soon :)
  16. WHAT
    Is this closed?
  17. NOPE.
  18. I Have Made some tweaks with the rules. (You may opt out of any of the prizes.)
  19. The Lie


    You and your friends are visiting a cake factory. When you are visiting the refrigerator, suddenly the ice begins to melt and you decide to do something with the cake, since it is going to get bad if it is not refrigerated.
    Everyone, take out your pigs and let's play!


    The scenario consists in a 58x58 arena.
    The players start at each corner and the referee is situated in the middle.
    Up to 3 rounds. Last player with less than 5 cakes in his hopper wins.
    When a player shouts "Fill'd!" That means he has defeated a player.
    The objective is to fill each of the enemy hoppers with cake, that can be obtained at the center of the arena.

    You can also block the other players by placing some cobblestone walls, obtainable in the same way.

    1.- Up to 4 teams, 1-2 players each. (More is not reccomended)
    2.- You can't leave the arena while playing.
    3.- You must stay riding your pig all the time.
    4.- You can't kill any player, mob, or the referee.
    5.- You can't enter the referee turret.
    6.- You mustn't touch your hopper.
    7.- You must not break or place any block.
    8.- The round starts when the referee activates the firework, and it finishes when he does again.
    9.- Players can only carry 1 cake a time, but as many walls as they want.
    10.- Referee must refill the dispensers only 2 cakes at a time, and as many walls as he considers.
    11.- Referee has the ability to stop match if any rule is broken.
    12.- Referee has the ability to punish a player adding a cake to his hopper if he has broken a rule.
    13.- Referee has the ability to ban a player from the game if he has broken a rule twice.
    14.- The player's inventory must be EMPTY, apart from a single carrot on a stick when the match starts.
    15.- You are not allowed to use mods or fly.
    16.- Referee has the ability to implement new rules with the approval of the creator of this game, Chascarrillo.

    Materials needed:

    -4 hoppers
    -9 dispensers
    -8 wood buttons
    -3 wood slabs
    -15 fence
    -1 fence door
    -4 stacks of wool /Any material that's not dirt or ice.
    -100 blocks of water
    -A bunch of ice ~100
    -A bunch of dirt ~200
    -32 redstone
    -5 repeaters
    -A firework of any color
    -4 pigs
    -4 carrots on a stick
    -A lever
    -4 saddles
    -25 cakes
    -25 cobblestone walls
    -4 players ready to battle

    Average cost:

    6 hours + 200 rupees /3000 rupees
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