[Contest] Programming Challenge

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  1. Welcome to the first ever EMC programming challenge!
    Empire Minecraft is full of creative programmers who can create amazing things. The goal of this contest is to encourage them to make some cool stuff for the server to make it better.

    Here are a few ideas:

    Site based
    Scripts, codemonkey, or anything else that can improve the site from the client side. If you enjoy web development, then this might be the best option for you.

    Game based
    Do you want to create an awesome mod for the game that improves your EMC experience, or do you want to create a Minecraft launcher that does something cool and EMC related. These are just a few of the game related things you can make

    If your program doesn't modify the site and doesn't modify the game, then you made an other. The only limit is that it relates to Empire Minecraft.

    What are the rules?
    • Must be related to EMC
    • Must comply with EMC rules
    • Shouldn't break things or cause any problems with the site or a person's computer
    • any mods must be put on the approved mod list before being accepted into the contest
    • Must be original
    Now that you know the rules and have some ideas, get going. Make something awesome. Make it cool. Make it original. Make it now. Or now. Now?
    Maybe you need some more motivation. How about a large prize pool!

    40k for the best project
    30k for the second best project
    20k for the third best project

    Current donators:
    jkrmnj -- 90k
    You can donate by sending rupees or items to jkrmnj and posting below that you did it.

    How do I submit my project?
    Post here with a link to it and basic instructions on how to use it. It will be added to the list of submitted projects. You can submit something you have already made if it relates to EMC. You can work in groups but you can't submit more than one project. Make sure all credit is given where needed.

    Who Wins?
    After October 16th, the submissions close and a vote will be taken to see who wins. The winner will be the person with the most votes after November 1st.
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  2. Awesome i program a lot and do a lot with computers. But i dont know if it will work. If it does if i have time i will do it
  3. Already working on a mod for Empire Minecraft but it won't be ready for release for months.
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  4. Any specs you can give? Or is it a secret?
  5. Current completed features:
    • In-game Price List
    • Custom EMC Minimap
    • In-game Wiki
    Those are the current completed ones that are being tested by Erektus. The In-game Price List works completely fine, the minimap needs some work. There are a few other features that will take a lot longer.
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  6. You can take the features that work and submit that for the contest if you want.
  7. Bump time
  8. Ahh, cannot wait until 16.10.15....
  9. If I give instructions on taking a screenshot, does that count? I can't code for crap.
  10. Sorry, but that doesn't really count :p
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