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  1. Hello Empire, Today I am holding a contest for a name for a new youtube I will be setting up. You can suggest any names but the content will mainly be minecraft but with a variety of other games such as gmod, L4D2 and possibly Simcity. Please don't suggest any silly trolling names. I have had the experience of having a youtube channel before for a xbox clan but it didn't go so well so I thought I would start afresh. I am waiting on a new computer my dad's friend is building however it will take a couple of weeks for parts to come and for him to build it. Edit- With Bigdavies permission I will also be recording Monday Nights Mob Arena on EMC.

    The Prize for having the best name (Chosen by me) is 2000r
    (Note: You Can Include the name 'Jake' but not 'bagby' for personal reasons)
    If you don't have a idea for a name then you can say one you like better out of the names suggested
    Suggested Names
    JakePlaysMinecraft- Mindlegokid
    JakeEMC- Mindlegokid
    JakeMinecraft- Mindlegokid
    Eorolithplayminecraft- Faeghost
    JakePlaysGames- BobTheTomato9798
    VideoGameJake- BobTheTomato9798
    GamerJake- BobTheTomato9798
    MinecrafterJake- BobTheTomato9798
    JakeTheMinecrafter- BobTheTomato9798
    JakeLovesTomatoes- BobTheTomato9798
    WelshGamer- BobTheTomato9798
    The jakecast- RunningRhino
    JakeTheWalesGamer- Jakres
    CraftyJake- RevampedMadness
    Babybagpipes- Jeanzl
    Jakelicious- Jeanzl
    Jakewithcake- Terr
    Jakewins- Terr
    Jakeplays- Terr
    ATLJake- Terr
    MilkShakeJakeEMC- Wolfthunderblade
    ShakeAndBakeJake- uglydragon
    JakeAndEMC- uglydragon
    CaptainJakeSparrow- uglydragon
    Jake N Shake- Jeanzl
    Jakethegreat choongjae
    Jakelot- Choongjae
    Jake Plays Show- generalfelino015
    BakeACakeJake- Iamsaj
    TheJakester- dangerousty
    TheJakeinator- dangerousty
    JakeKillsCreepers- dangerousty
    Jakecraft- dangerousty
    MobSlayer- dangerousty
    SlimeSmasher- dangerousty
    TheGameDistrict, TheGameZone, TheGameSector- Revampedmadness
    NINJAKE- Ninjattila
    JakesJungle- Ninjattila
    MobMauler- Ninjattila
    JakeLP's- Ninjattila
    YoutubeMCJake- TheEpic5
    Jake_Youtube- TheEpic5
    JakeYoutube- TheEpic5
    Jaketube- TheEpic5

    or Jake-n-Bacon
    or Makin'BaconJake
    or JakeTheCheeseCakeSnake
    or just JakeTheCheeseCake
    or CheeseCakeJake
    or CraftACakeJake
    or SnowFlakeJake
    or JakeTheSnowFlakeSnake
    or FakeOutJake
    or JakeTheGreatCake
    or just JakeTheCake
    or JakeTheSnake
    or JumpInALakeJake
    or JakeForGodSake
    or ALakeOfJake
    or TakeAJake
    or Take2Jake
    or TakeTwoJake
    or Jake'sCake
    or Jake'sSnake
    or JumpingJellyfishJake (partly from SpongeBob) XD
    or, lastly, JigglyJake

    JakeTheGamer -nfell2009 (DISCLAIMER: He hasn't returned, this was over skype)
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  2. JakePlaysMinecraft
  3. Eorolithplayminecraft. ( came up with a new name lol )
  4. Thanks, Both added to OP
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  5. Bump, This is a pretty easy contest btw, all you have to do is suggest a name I might like.
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  6. JakePlaysGames
  7. Added, Thanks :)
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  8. The jakecast
  9. JakeTheWalesGamer
  10. Guys there are too many good one's :D I'm finding it hard to choose, there maybe a vote to see which people think is the best.
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  11. One last Bump, Any names that don't include 'Jake'?
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  12. Babybagpipes?


    How about Jakelicious
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  13. JakeWithCake


  14. ATLJake

  15. How did you know my clans name was ATL?
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  16. MilkShakeJakeEMC XD

    or Jake-n-baconEMC XDDD
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  17. YoutubeMCJake