[CONTEST] Music Composition Contest

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    This is EMC's First Annual Music Composition Contest

    Dates: This contest starts TODAY, September 3rd, 2013. The deadline for submissions is January 1st, 2014. Voting will begin immediately after that and end Valentine's day 2014.

    1. All submissions must be ORIGINAL compositions. Any submission that is not original WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED.

    2. Voting begins January 2nd, and ends February 14, in 2014 at 2 pm Pacific time. Voting will take place in a poll in the forums. Do NOT vote for your own submission, or else it may be subject to DISQUALIFICATION.

    3. All music is allowed, and no restriction will be placed on submissions.

    4. Compositions must contain AT LEAST 1 instrument (vocals are considered instruments in this) and must also be AT LEAST 32 measures long.

    5. This is the most important rule, probably. DO NOT SUBMIT COMPOSITIONS ON THIS THREAD, OR YOU WILL FACE IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION. I will accept submissions via pm on the forums, but I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE EMAIL SUBMISSIONS. Email me at ncampos16@lvcp.org

    6. This rule is even more important than the previous rule. HAVE FUN. I do not want people to do this if they aren't having fun. It should be fun to do this, not a time for you to be unhappy while composing.


    First place: 10,000 rupees and 1.6 Speed Horse
    Second place: 3,000 rupees
    Third place: 1,000 rupees

    PRIZE DONATIONS ARE ACCEPTED AND DONATORS WILL BE LISTED BELOW ( Money and item donations are both accepted)

  2. -Dusts off the old trumpet-
  3. We can't do a cover of any songs?
  4. Ooh, definitely going to enter.
  5. nope. must be an original composition
  6. I may do this, since I've been composing music since I was 5, kindof, (with piano) :p
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  7. I could definitely do something for this.
  8. Bump the post!
    3+ people is NOT enough!

    More people need to start working on compositions for this, otherwise I WILL cancel.

    Remember, the submission deadline is New Years Day, although I will most likely push this back, as most people will not have a way to submit it on that day.