[CONTEST] Minority Vote

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  1. The goal of this form is to answer all 6 questions while being in the minority. For example, for the sample question of "Do you like Red or Blue?", you'd have to pick which one you think will be least popular, and vote for that. If it turns out like this:
    • Red 36%
    • Blue 64%
    In that case, all the players who voted Red would win. Remember that you can lie - even if your favorite color is Blue, if you think Red will be less popular, you can vote for Red instead.

    If you get all 6 questions in the minority, I'll reward you with 10k! Get 5 correct, and you'll earn 5k. And if you get 4 questions, you'll get 2.5k.

    So, get your votes in by 6PM EST on 5/26, and we'll see who's in the minority. Good luck!

    Participate here
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  2. This is an interesting one :p Put my form in :)
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  3. Filled out. That last question was the hardest. :)
  4. Haha, I like the "This question does not count against minority vote." note at the username field :p

    I found the gaming console question to be the hardest.
    I love these kinds of things, they're mind-boggling!
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  5. Ooh i like this! Its different, but in a good way, then all the other ones :O
  6. Oh wow, just saw I was the lucky winner of the vault voucher. Thanks so much.
  7. You should have made the time window larger. :l
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  8. The contest is now over! Here are the results:

    Do you like Cats or Dogs?
    Cats - 63.2%
    Dogs - 36.8%

    Are you Male or Female?
    Male - 57.9%
    Female - 42.1%

    Do you like PC or Mac?
    Mac - 36.8%
    PC - 63.2%

    What's 5+5?
    5 - 31.6%
    10 - 52.6%
    15 - 15.8%

    What's your favorite gaming device?
    Nintendo Wii U - 26.3%
    Nintendo 3DS - 10.5%
    Xbox One - 15.8%
    PlayStation 4 - No Votes
    PSVita - 21.1%
    PC - 26.3%

    What's your favorite digit?
    1 - No Votes
    2 - 21.1%
    3 - 5.3%
    4 - 5.3%
    5 - 5.3%
    6 - 10.5%
    7 - 26.3%
    8 - No Votes
    9 - 5.3%
    0 - 21.1%

    View all the votes here:
    Votes Spreadsheet

    Here are the people who won a prize:
    Eviltoade - 2.5k (4 Questions in the Minority)
    ArkWarrior1 - 1k (Runner-Up Award)
    WyntyrRaevyn - 1k (Runner-Up Award)
    CallMeTower - Vault Voucher (Random Participant)
  9. I gave 1 hour originally, and extended by 1 day when I didn't receive enough votes.
  10. Exactly.
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  11. I think that's plenty of time to enter...
  12. Wow, I did pretty badly... :p
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  13. I think my strategy was really good, but other people had the same, perhaps :p In each case: no green answers for me, unfortunately.