[CONTEST] Minner be bored

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  1. So liek I haven't been getting EMC forum notifications cause I have like not commented on anything, anyways, to get back into the forums..... 5k giveaway :D

    So, I'll be asking 5 random questions about my likes and such.

    "But Minner! What if you hate me and change your answers so I can't win!"

    Welp, DragonFlame be my IRL bro, so I paid him teh Cash Monies and stuff so he has looked over answers and he will not be participating, But since I gave him cash monies he will be honest and such.

    Anyways, if you feel I'm cheating you, PM me, and we work it out dawg

    1. What's my favorite Color
    2. What's My favorite Pokemon (Leaf Green and sooner)
    3. Do I liek Halo or COD better :D
    5. Favorite MINECRAFT youtuber

    So you gotta get 4 out of 5 right to win and if no one gets 4 right by tomorrow night, I'll pick the closest one.
    You can only guess ONCE and I'll give hints now and then :D

    Good Lucks
  2. 1- Red
    2- Arceus
    3- Halo
    4- wut
    5- SkythekidRS
  3. 1. Blue
    2. Absol, because who doesn't love him.
    3. Halo (duh)
    4. DUBSTEP
    5. pyropuncher
  4. Here's a hint....
    Skythekid is the best person ever!!!!! /sarcasm
    Sorry, you no get 4 right, but who knows, if your the closest by tomorrow :D
    NIEN.... sorry D:
  5. Are alts allowed lol

    How many did I get, and what does 4 mean ^.^
  6. No like, I didn't understand question #4.

    Are alts allowed?
  7. 1. What's my favorite Color
    Purple of course :3
    2. What's My favorite Pokemon (Leaf Green and sooner)
    That green one
    3. Do I liek Halo or COD better :D
    To be Minner \o3o/
    5. Favorite MINECRAFT youtuber

  8. Answer to Life, duh :p

    Alts are allowed like tomorrow ( 2 hours ) but if you post it now, idc I'm not gonna hunt you down
  9. Lol, close, you got 0 right :pPPPP
  10. wut.
    Excuse me for a moment.
  11. I know all teh answers MWAHAHAHAHAHA *next day people lock me in a room and be like TELL US THE ANSWERS NOW*
  12. Well, fyi.
    A better contest would to make minner unbored. duh. :p
  13. 1. Yellow
    2. Zapdos
    3. Halo
    4. to Die
    5. erose :p
  14. Technically you gave an answer away, not fair :p

    I demand a re-do ;)
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  15. Sorry, You didn't get the 4 right for an Instant win D:
  16. 1. Gold
    2. Mewtwo (Who doesn't like Mewtwo? :p)
    3. Halo
    4. 42
    5. JL
  17. Nope, didn't get all 4/5 right D: good try doe
  18. 1: Red
    2: Charizard
    3: Halo
    4: 42
    5: YogsCast