[Contest] Make me a Signature and a Avatar

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  1. So the title tells you what this contest is about. All you have to do is make me a signature or an avatar and you can be guaranteed to get rupees! If you make either one and send it to me you will get 100r no matter what! But if you win (either category) you will be rewarded 5k per event (10k total).

    Once I get done how do I submit?
    You will need to Private Message me with your Avatar or Signature. Please do not post your entry on this forum! This will allow no cheating.

    Avatar: If you are submitting an avatar here is what you need to include:
    -A panda
    -A green hat on the panda
    -Sunglasses on the panda

    Signature: If you are submitting a signature here is what you need to include:
    -The words Promo Panda
    -The words /v +pp on smp8
    -The words buy, sell, look
    -Some type of "promo-ish" background
    -It will need to link to this website: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/pandas-promoshop-and-museum.56297/

    DEADLINE: You must have your Avatar or signature sent to me by the 16th of October!

    Good luck to everyone who submits! Remember you are guaranteed rupees, but there are only 2 grand prize winners. Have fun!
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  2. Bumping up for easy rupees!
  3. Bumping. Not many people have entered, enter now to have a really good chance to win!
  4. I'll let Erektus know.
  5. 13 more days
  6. Bump: The deadline will come faster that it appears
  7. Make sure to get your submissions in!
  8. Bumping up. Only 8 more days!
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  9. Bump: only 5 days left!
  10. Bump only 4 days left
  11. Only 2 more days!!
  12. I might enter for the avatar, so what are your favorite mob and item? I will attempt to put a hat. :)

    EDIT: Can I have a link to your skin also?
  13. My favorite mob is probably the pig or skeleton. My favorite item is a marlix bow. I don't have the link for my skin sorry.

    Note for EVERYONE: This is the last day other than tomorrow. At 6:00pm emc time I will start deciding the winner!
  14. :( I will try to find a skin that looks similar to yours, since you don't have a link.
  15. panda...

    hat on the panda..

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