[Contest] Make me a new avatar Win 10k

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by darksuperlord, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. So I need a new avatar for the forums, and since I am artistically challenged, I'm asking you guys to make me one.

    I want you guys to make it whatever you decide would be the best, and ALL ideas are good, (I will use all of them eventually) so whatever you want.

    So whichever one I like best (and the one ill use after I have cycled through them all) the creator will get 10k (if you win you only get the 10k if you enter two), and everyone else who enters gets 100r (not per, but total). You are allowed two entries (no alts >:O) and I would prefer you use your artistic abilities, rather than minecraft.

    The entries are allowed until 9/14, and then I will choose a winner.

    Good Luck! :D
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  2. But uh just so you guys know, this ends at noon (EST) that day.
  3. Any specifics, or can we just give you whatever we think of?
    If the latter, you might get some very strange entries...
  4. Whatever you think of, as long as it relates to me, It could deal with a nickname of mine, something ive done, etc.
    So yea
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  6. Nooooooooo :p
  7. I will more then likely be entering if anyone wants a challenge :3
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  8. Bump
    Only one entry recieved!
  9. I will do one :p
    I won't be original, but it is something I found online, that suits you.
  10. Im working on one... I somehow have the same skin as you :p when i made mine :/
  11. What? no way, send me the link...
  12. Although, I bet yours doesnt have goggles :U
  13. oh my god... are you sure you arent my alt?
  14. Im not your alt.... i just made mine a while ago and i guess great minds think alike :p i may get a new one soon tho
  15. I need to see this in game, what server would you be able to get on?
  16. awesome, I had fun messing around with you
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