Contest: Luckiest EMC Moments?

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  1. So, this thread is for all those people that haved a lucky EMC day, or mine, or mob arena.

    My luckiest day ever was when I got 64 diamonds in 6 minutes in a big mine. And the second luckiest day in EMC for me was, when I survived a random epic fight with 2 momentums and survived, and got 25 zombie virus, and more than 2 stacks of zombie heads :D.

    Tell me down in the comments when it was your luckiest EMC day. The best lucky story will win 5k and a secret item :D. The winner will be chosen in 9 days. Good luck :D.

    Also! Only one story per person!
  2. Killing a marlix within 5 minutes and getting marlix armor :D
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  3. Kindles!!!
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  4. I was fighting a momentus at night and with my pal cddm95ace. Unfortunately I wasn't doing too well until a creeper blew me up to a half heart. The creeper blew me and the moments into a little 5x5 pond. It took me a while to bring it down but the creeper slaved my life. :3
  5. The luckiest time I've ever had was amazing.
    I had been looking for Marlix when they first came out and found TWO in a row, didn't drop much but still, pretty cool :p
    The second luckiest time was avoiding nether hounds >.>
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  6. Chickeneer accidentally posting a glitch on how to get a ton of diamonds.
  7. When my awesome wood shop that I made like 300 days ago most burned down. It was cut in half in like 7 seconds. Thank you nole for saving me :p
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  8. hehe
    Im always lucky ;)
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  9. My luckiest moment is winning a single mobarena and getting a momentus toothpick, marlix chestplate, and the mobarena sword :D And then a bunch of god apples and god armor :D
  10. My luckiest moment on EMC was when I found it on the server list.. :rolleyes:
  11. so true but my luckiest moment must be when I first started meeting players on emc which made it a hole lot more fun xD
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  12. Been told about this server... nuff said. :p
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  13. We all know that you are lucky :D!
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  14. My luckiest moment, was when I was trying to avenge myself from a zombie pigman who had previously stolen my God-Sword/bow, armor, and some nether goodies. I was charging back as fast as i could and i knew i couldn't get the stuff back by myself, and called apon a loyal friend who responded in seconds and risked his own gear to get mine back. I was lucky to have a friend nearby to get my good stuff back from an evil nether thief.
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  15. all i have to say is this
    dat 5k rupees dragon egg
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  16. In one day, I won a giveaway, got a ghast head, and killed a marlix and momentus.
    I won a total of:
    • 1 diamond voucher
    • 15k
    • 1 ghast head
    • 46 ghast tears (from hunting)
    • 1 marlix bow
    • 1 vault voucher
    • 97 damonds
    • 16 zombie heads
    • 24 zombie viruses, 15 of them stacked
    • 4 skele heads
    • 35 shiny flesh
  17. I was afk in mob arena and I won, got a vault voucher as well xD
  18. :rolleyes: