[Contest] Interior Design Contest - Win 100k!

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    Greetings Emperians!

    I'm here to start (probably) the biggest interior design contest in EMC history!

    As some of you might know, I own 2 big towers at SMP1 spawn. One of which is Lunarios 104. This luxury tower was designed as appartment tower for people who don't live on SMP1 but would want to own a appartment/storage place there.

    I had 12 luxury appartments in mind, but I never got around to designing interiors for them. So here I am today, turning my problem into a contest! I will include a worldsave for the participants to work in, and the grand prize is 100,000 Rupees!

    What do you need to do:
    Furnish 12 appartments, 2 of which have 2 floors. I'm looking for modern styling, a bit like a 5 star hotel, but not too much flair and all that.

    The appartments MUST consist of multiple rooms, connected by a hallway! Each appartment should have a Bedroom, Livingroom, Bathroom and Chestroom! How you want to layout the appartments is all up to you. I'd like the walls to be Red sand.

    What can I win?
    A Grand prize of 100k!

    When does the contest end?

    End date:
    Friday 24th of October!


    Please build your contest entry IN THIS MAP. It contains a color coded partial Lunarios tower with all the rooms that must be furnished!

    Cyan Wool (2 appartments): 2 floor appartments, most luxurious and expensive.
    Light Blue Wool (4 appartments): Single floor appartments, less luxurious, but still a high roller appartment with lots of utilities.
    Red Wool (4 appartments): Single floor appartments, smallest version. should be luxurious but not too expensive.
    Purple Wool (2 appartments): Single floor appartments, medium rich appartments. must contain utilities, but not too many.

    Teleportation HUB:
    The Teleportation HUB is currently a bit dull and empty, if you got a nice idea for the teleportation hub, you can also redesign that part of the structure.

    I'd like all contestants to pos their designs in a personal message with me, including a short description of the ideas behind the designs and how you built them. Included in the message I'd like to recieve your worldsave via Mediafire/Dropbox or any other hosting site that is free :)

    Happy building!

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  2. Update:

    There will be another contest comming for a more garden oriented contest, also with a price of 100k!

    and B u m p (erz)
  3. I may try this after my holiday. I need to get to grips with some building skills and why not do it with a possible prize :p I'll have to try after my holiday though, I have watched the thread so I remember it ;)
  4. Do you want the floors and outside walls (glass) to remain unchanged? I'm thinking people might want some privacy in their bedroom and bathroom.
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  5. woohooo building contests :) cat wait to try
  6. Keep it as open as possible, but you are allowed to change it if you wish (=
  7. B u m p y

    AND I c e c r e a m
  8. One more B u m p y? I need more contestants :D
  9. How do you want these sent back to you? I skimmed over again and couldn't see if you wanted a world download or what? :p
  10. Sent back via Personal Message, with file attached on Mediafire/Dropbox or anything that hosts files :)
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  11. Da bump-a-bump
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  12. A bathroom with a glass wall. That would be weird xD
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  13. You don't have to build the bathrooms adjecant to the window wall, you can also build a closed off space in the middle of the appartment, and add a bedroom next to it (near the window wall)
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  14. Bumpy? Y no more folks :O?
  15. Just a quick question.. I've tried and, tried but I can't get the two blocks that have opposite textures, and appearances to go together.. Is it a must to use red sand, as red sandstone blocks have not been released it will only turn out unseemingly hideous. :confused:
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  16. If you'd like to change it into something better, go for it :D
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  18. You say floorplans have to be exactly the same, but I see a problem here. Because of the way the building is built, some sides are shorter than others. I want to make it so the apartments' bedrooms (and dining area on luxury ones) face spawn. With the way things are build, half of them do not face spawn. Can we edit floorplans to have the same amenities and look just as nice as their same level of price counterparts, or should we just copy the floorplans and not worry about that?
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