[CONTEST] Guess Willows birthday! Win my HEAD

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by DWmom, Aug 2, 2014.

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  1. Hello all!

    Some of you may know that I am expecting a baby girl :D if not, now you do :p

    Anyway, I am having a contest to guess the day I will have her.

    First a little background knowledge for you:
    1. Her due date is 09/05/2014
    2. This is my second child (sometimes they come early, no guarantees on that one :p)
    3. I have dropped (meaning the baby has moved lower to get ready for her due date. this may mean nothing in the long run but....)
    4. Usually if you go past your due date they will induce at 41 weeks or for me around 09/12-09/13ish

    Now the rules:
    1. Please guess a DATE and TIME the closest guess will win.
    2. Guess in hours and minutes (not seconds)
    3. More than one person can guess the same DAY but not the same TIME
    4. One guess per person, NO ALTS (I will check ips) if you guess more than once your comment will be deleted and wont go into the guess pool.
    5. If more than one person guesses the same day the closest time guess will determine winner. (there could potentially be 2 winners player123 guesses 08/02/2014 @10:03am and playerabc guesses 08/02/2014 @10:05am and the willow is born 08/02/2014 @10:04am then both abc and 123 wins)
    6. All times guessed I will use as EST time (for example someone overseas guesses 10:03am I will take that to mean 10:03am MY TIME not theirs)

    7: No editing of posts. as in you cant change your time after I enter it into the OP unless you typed it wrong. then i will accept edits, but make a second comment so i see it please.

    And I am sure you are wondering what you will win if you guess correctly. Well, as so many people have begged me for a specific item here are the prizes:
    1. A personalized signed book from me that will contain a congrats letter from me for winning
    2. Also MY HEAD.

    The guess pool will be listed below in a /spoiler so this OP doesnt get out of hand.

    Tuqueque : August 9th @4:41pm
    Dee6983 : August 10th @5:27pm
    Ethanrowe321 : August 27th @3:30pm
    Tehsami : August 28th @4:24am
    Canuckshockey : August 28th @7:46am
    Autumnrain26 : August 28th @4:14pm
    Gap542 : August 29th @12:24am
    Kev20022 : August 29th @4:59pm
    Techfilmer : August 30th @2:20am
    Mman2832 : August 30th @5:00pm
    Olaf_C : August 30th @9:36pm
    Starrock13: August 31st @10:34am
    Bedfordfamily : September 1st @4:30am
    Krysyyjane9191 : September 1st @12:40pm
    Faithcaster : September 1st @5:17pm
    Karatekick2001 : Septmeber 1st @10:00pm
    Shadyshannon : September 1st @11:01pm
    Qwerty189 : September 2nd @7:35am
    Schanaman10 : September 2nd @12:01pm
    Techninja_42: September 2nd @4:37pm
    G00tch : September 2nd @4:47pm
    Blackknight1021 : September 2nd @5:58pm
    BTHarrold98 : September 2nd @10:34pm
    Xxvexenxx : September 2nd @10:37pm
    Nathanrp : September 3rd @2:34am
    Rosy2696 : September 3rd @2:47am
    Tuqueque : September 3rd @1:05pm
    Melk73 : September 3rd @5:30pm
    Jrm531 : September 3rd @11:18pm
    Reindeer_ : September 4th @4:37am
    Dj_Krazy : September 4th @11:00pm
    netherspecter : September 4th @11:30pm
    Jkrmnj : September 5th @12:00am
    Princebee : September 5th @3:25am
    Samsimx : September 5th @3:56am
    Jaydenirwin : September 5th @3:00pm
    Biscuitboy5396 : September 6th @2:45am
    FDNY21 : September 6th @9:00pm
    607 : September 7th @1:00am
    Bretlexi95 : September 7th @4:36am
    Babycreepersrule : September 7th @6:30am
    Epic0258 : September 7th @7:07am
    Itsmemathius: September 7th @8:52pm
    Hashhog3000 : September 8th @8:47am
    Moemaczap : September 8th @12:30pm
    Eklektoi : September 8th @1:37pm
    Jennypoo10 : September 8th @8:09pm
    Highlancer54 : September 8th @2:00am
    820327 : September 9th @4:39pm
    Battmeghs : September 9th @6:15pm
    Jefferyli2003 : September 10th @11:59pm
    Troop53no : September 11th @8:46am
    Boozle628 : September 12th @3:33am
    KiashiSama: September 12th @10:22pm
    Luckypat : September 17th @5:00pm
    Skyman1212 : September 19th @10:30pm
    Crafter31211 : September 26th @2:40am
    Lukas3226 : September 26th @1:00pm
    Yankee518 : May 18th @5:16pm


    Damiensmom11 (Bec)
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  2. FYI: if i "like" your comment i saw it and entered it into the spoiler. please check the spoiler to make sure your guess is not already taken before guessing :D
  3. o9/o4/2014
    4:37 AM
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  4. 09/05/2014
    3:25 AM
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  5. 09/05/2014 at exactly midnight (12am)
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  6. september 9th (i don't have a time) that is way too in detail and children don't like to be on time. lmfao

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  7. 09/01/2014 - 5:17PM.
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  8. I needs a time :p lol otherwise you cant wins! :p lol. and maybe you should come visit me :p (i will have just had a baby :p )
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  9. fine, i'll go with Nik's birth time. 6:15pm
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  10. 3/9/14 at 2:34 AM
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  11. 9/08/14 8:09pm :)
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  12. 9/2 4:37 pm. Be sure to post videos everyone likes to see babies laughing at random things :p
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  13. September 1st, 12:24 pm (aka my bday and time) =P
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  14. 2/05/2014 Time = 10:31pm
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  15. September 2, at, say, 7:35 AM?
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  16. 09/03/14
    At 2:47
    Ahh I didn't know you were expecting a baby girl =(
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  17. ^ Am
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  18. 9-7-14 @ 4:36 A.M.
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