[CONTEST] GIMP/Photoshop Creations

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Will you enter?

Yas 5 vote(s) 41.7%
Meh maybe 5 vote(s) 41.7%
Nah man just nah... 2 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. While looking at this thread:

    I thought it was a good idea to make a legit contest.. Not in some puny Microsoft paint but in GIMP and/or Adobe Photoshop! You can use GIMP and/or Adobe Photoshop to make it clear one more time :p

    1. Must be from scratch, no photo editing.
    2. Must be EMC friendly (Family friendly).
    3. Don't post it if your not sure.
    4. Have FUNZ!

    If you don't follow the rules, you won't be entered.

    Other then just posting random photos I am going to do a category..
    This category:
    Retro Games (Not Minecraft :p)
    (Stuff that looks like Mario, it doesn't have to be a real game but just follow the style of arcade-y

    Remember to be creative!
    Also, take time into details.

    This contest will end at:
    3/24/2015 at 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (aka EMC time)
    Convert time here:

    1st. 30k rupees & all donations
    2nd. 20k rupees
    3rd. 10k rupees

    Feel free to donate to me by either meeting me in-game or /mail.

    People who donated:

    Have fun! Best lucks to you :)

    100% not copying.
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  2. Woops... My enter key freaked out.. like 15 mins guys and I'll get the thread up XD :p
  3. Okay, got it done.
  4. I use Gimp all the time. Mainly for photo editing, though. I'm really good at that. When it comes to drawing stuff from scratch, I'm pretty bad at it, but I might try the competition. Sounds fun!
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  5. Vump (I'm dat cooll.. I vump threads.. :cool:)
  6. Bump..?

    Well, 1 day left to enter.. I guess nobody wants the prizes..

    (Actually, if nobody else enters, you would win with any photo *wink wink*)
  7. I believe my friend made this in GIMP while we were working on a class project together in digital design.... xD
  8. Too short of a time span to get something done :p
  9. Are we forced to use one of those two or can other painting programs be used?
  10. I don't think he'll know either way :p
  11. Lol
    I can draw, like, a square.:p
    I'll try though.
  12. "Puny" microsoft paint... :eek:
    I think I may enter :)
    Can we use microsoft paint?
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  13. When are the results or voting coming out?
  14. Sorry, was at school and when I got home forgot to judge :p

    Let me judge now =p
  15. EmoryCrafts is first, AmusedStew is 2nd and.. idk what to do for 3rd?
  16. Sorry for being so cheap AmusedStew :p

    Jk jk though :p
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