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Will you submit a video into this contest?

Yes!! 21 vote(s) 36.2%
No 4 vote(s) 6.9%
Let me think about it... 9 vote(s) 15.5%
I just want to watch the videos! 24 vote(s) 41.4%
  1. So as some of you may know, my friends and I made an EMC Promotional video not too long ago in February that had a lot of positive feedback and was featured on the front page. :D Many people have enjoyed our video and wanted to try it out for themselves which I completely encouraged! I believe there are a lot of people in the EMC community who can make great videos while promoting EMC, but they are not recognized enough, which is why I want to make this contest :) (I also want to give back for all your wonderful positive feedback from the video!)

    Introducing.. The EMC Promotional Video Contest!

    Do you love making videos AND love the EMC community? Well look no further here is a contest that you can submit in :D

    The Requirements (all requirements must be met or else the submission will not be taken):
    • Must be an EMC Promotional Video representing MOST of the features in EMC
    • Appropriate for all ages (The Ten Commandments of EMC still applies to these videos)
    • Has to be at least 1 minute and 30 seconds long and no longer than 5 minutes
    • Must include EMC logo and empireminecraft.com website address
    • Include Music that will match with your video
    The rest is up to your creativity! You can have a storyline or make it like an advertisement, it all depends on how you want to represent EMC at its best to bring new players into EMC.

    Submission Deadline: April 15, 2013 at 10 pm (PST) (Thats about 4 weeks from today) The video must be uploaded on YouTube and PM'ed to Heyaroo by this time. Only one video submission per a person/group
    Judging will be done by a secret cast of judges! But the main judges are me and OrigamiJoe.

    1st Place Winner
    • 30,000r
    • DC of stone brick or stone
    • DC of Ender Pearls
    • DC of Swiftness Extended (8:00) potions
    • DC of Fire Resistance Extended (8:00)
    • An acting role in my next EMC video (that is if the winner wants to :p)
    • 1 Beautiful Beacon!
    • and much more prizes that are yet to be determined!
    2nd Place Winner

    • 15,000r
    • DC of Stone Brick
    • DC of Ender Pearls
    3rd Place Winner

    • 7,000r
    • DC of Ender Pearls
    All submissions will earn a little prize from me as well :) That is yet to be determined lol

    If you would like to donate to this contest please comment below or PM me so we can make the prizes much more :DDDDD Thank you!

    I hope you guys will all submit your videos! I know there are awesome video creators out there and remember this is all for the fun and to promote EMC :) Have fun!

    Thank you to the Donators: OrigamiJoe, Sqiggleyjeff, southpark347, cddm95ace, Ahzeriel, Dwight5273, nick_godoy , Crazy1800 and AmusedStew!!

    Countdown! http://itsalmo.st/#emcpromovideocontest
  2. I would try to make one, but it would fail.....I know nothing about making/editing videos. But to show support I will donate 1.5k and a DC of ender pearls. Hope this turns out with some videos as epic as the original :D

    EDIT: First (Couldn't resist XD )
  3. Heyaroo lucky i got alerted :3 i was sleeping and now have a great idea for a video - will i narrate in my actual voice, though? - that's yet to be determined :p (and second :D)
  4. Thank you cddm :D I included your donation into the prize list.
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  5. I will set up an access chest for you at smp7's 14859 tomorrow, and send the rupees your way tomorrow as well. Good luck :)
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  6. I'll donate a double chest of smooth stone, I'll make an access chest on utopia 5105 or I can drop it off in a Pre set up chest for me if you want :)
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  7. Thank you South! Adding you to the donators list now. :D
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  8. I'll try to make a video, that is, if I can find something to record and edit with.
    Any suggestions?
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  9. Bumping for the kitties! I mean videos :D
  10. Ill be donating a DC of swiftness 8:00 duration potions and a DC of fire resistance 8:00 potions to heyaroo later on, roo just lemme know when you are on.
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  11. Do you have a Mac or a PC?

    Wow thank you Amused! :D I will add you to the donators list. I'll see you around on SMP5 :)
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  12. I need a chest, ill be on smp5 for a while.
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  13. Blip pity ble bla. I can't do this yet.... Why u make contest Jacob can't do?
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  14. A fine personal computer.
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  15. Ive heard people using ezvid and Fraps. I'm not sure of what to use when it comes to PCs because I have a Mac

    And I extended the submission deadline to 6 days after :D Hope that helps. (So now its practically a month from now)
  16. Well if I make a video it will probally be of the new things added into the servers when they update AKA wastelands....
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  17. Thank you Ahzeriel for donating 15k! :D I'll add it to the donation list :D
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  18. The rupee prizes have doubled!
    1st place winner now gets 20k
    2nd place now gets 10k
    3rd place now gets 5k

    :D Woot! Please try to enter into this contest!
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  19. I couldnt make a video if my life were to depend on it, I just want to watch them *Hint Hint I would like to judge roo Hint Hint*
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  20. I am totally gonna make a video! Best of luck to everyone else and a big thank to heyaroo for doing this!
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