[Contest] EMC Elections!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to a different thread! So, I'm starting a new thing called EMC Elections! This is a game where we see how many people vote for you. So, in the 2nd comment, it'll say your name, and how many people voting for you.

    To vote for people, you need to PM HelloKittyRo and say "I'm voting for (username)". Then, that person will get a vote.

    Please don't shout in the comments VOTE FOR CADENMAN!! VOTE FOR CADENMAN!! (or something like that.) It's rude, and we don't want people to know who you're voting for. Thanks.

    Now, to be clear, I'll not be doing this. I decided to the winners. The are 3 winners. Then, comes the top 5 people (along with the 3 winners). If you're in the top 5, that means you'll also receive a speciala prize!!

    Prizes will be told at the end of the game so that it is a surprise! So, please don't ask me :/. I know, if you're not competing you'll still ask, but please don't. You might tell someone else and I can't take the chance :)

    Yes, there is a deadline for how many votes people can get :). The deadline is October 2nd, 2015 at 4:59 EMC Time. Votes will be checked and once all checked, the winner will be decided!!

    We're looking for judges!!! We need 2 more judges so me and 2 more other players can work together :)
    You need to answer these questions in order to be a judge! :):
    • What is your username?
    • Why do you think you'll be a good judge?
    • Have you been a judge before?
    • What is the EMC Election? (Explain with detail)
    • When is the deadline for the contest?
    Then, I'll see if you qualify for the judge team :) Hopefully, you do!!
    Please make sure you PM HelloKittyRo when you apply!! :D

    Good luck everyone and have fun :)

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  2. Prizes + Winners:

    Top 5 and there prizes:

    People who participated:
    (Thank you for participating!! :))

    (Thanks Judges for your hard work! :))
    1. HelloKittyRo
  3. Elected People (votes for people will be told at the end):
    f_builder_sDaNub - Votes: 3
    AynamiKun - Votes: 3
    AussieZaid - Votes: 3
    Dufne - Votes: 2
    Kyukyu - Votes: 2
    BlinkyBinky - Votes: 3
    Claremuss - Votes: 2
    Deathconn - Votes: 2
    Cadenmann - Votes: 4
    Hashhog - Votes: 2
    PenguinDJ - Votes: 3
    Kephras - Votes: 3
    FDNY21 - Votes: 3
    NamiMay - Votes: 2
    Korszak - Votes: 3
    Shyivah - Votes: 3
    Alia_Bear - Votes: 2
    TheAtmosphere - Votes: 3
    SEPTHEKID - Votes: 2
    ShelLuser (Shelly) - Votes: 2
  4. What do the judges do?
  5. Great question!! :)

    Judges judge how many points people have to see who wins. Would you like to be one?
  6. So if player A has 5 points and player B has 4 points, the judges basically just say that player A wins? Or am I missing something?
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  7. No, he'd probably get 3rd/2nd place. He wouldn't lose.

    Welp, GTG. School. I'll answer more of your questions later. Have a nice day. Good-Bye!
  8. So a popularity contest.
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  9. Very confusing you could have just made a poll
  10. Well my vote goes to HelloKittyRo for being so adorable. Can I do this? Can I just vote right now, here? I would really just like to do it this way. Alright then I have voted. Ok, done, thanks.
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  11. I vote for f_Builder_sDaNub ^.^
  12. I will also vote for f_Builder_sDaNub. He/She (sorry don't know for sure if you're a dude or not) rocks the Empire. One of my favs on the server.
  13. ^.^ I is a he
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  14. You is a nub.
  15. Not a true Nub though. Only a #NubKnows.
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  16. Hey! :mad:
  17. Sup ma homie
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  18. What are the people elected for without their consent? I can't find that part.
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  19. sure :)

    Joking, of course. However, as Cory said above, this seems like a bit of a popularity contest to me. ;)