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  1. Please check out this thread for voting.
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  3. Bump. Start thinking about ideas and submitting them.
  4. Has anyone entered it?
  5. Question could it also be a build that is 25% done but not fully done due to lack of resources would you help sponso that?
  6. I'm confused are we thinking of building and we are sponsored to make a large scale building?
  7. Nobody has entered from what I know of.

    The size of the build shouldn't matter. You don't need to have a large building to impress someone.
  8. No
    Yes as long as it follows the other criteria and is completely non-profit
    We will be helping you build it by offering you everything you will need. The building will be yours, you just would have had some help.
  9. ah I see, ok I shall consider...
    more questions can it be for my account but on my alts res?
  10. How do we enter? Would we PM you or post on the thread?
  11. That is perfectly fine
    I was going to just have people post it here, but I am thinking a pm would work better for this type of thing.

    Also, I may extend the deadline if I only get a couple of entries.
  12. In addition, have you considered asking the CM's to pin it to the front page? I know with good events they'll do that, you'll have to ask. Also, can I send some rupees to you for the prize pool?
  13. I thought the stickied thread for this section specifically said not to ask for it? Feel free to send rupees for the prize pool.

  14. I don't think they'll be stickied, but this post says to ask the CM's about it.
  15. Thanks. I must have read that wrong. I always thought it said not to ask :p When I said stickied, I was referring to the post you quoted.
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  16. Bump. Just got an entry and a donation. Updated end times in the original post.
  17. Bump. Only 2 entries so far.