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Who is your vote?

idea 1 13 vote(s) 37.1%
idea 2 11 vote(s) 31.4%
idea 3 11 vote(s) 31.4%
  1. Time to vote!
    Submissions are all in and we have 3 nominees for the voting. The nominees are listed below. I have removed any identifying information from the submissions so people can vote entirely based on the idea. Voting ends October 8th. Donations are still being accepted. Voting originally happened in a survey, but people began lying and pretending to be who they aren't. Also, do not use alts.
    "My res is res [removed to remain anonymous] (Town res, with a road edit) which is a completely non profit museum. I've found out that i'm only 25% done and I've spent 150k on resoures. And I'm trying to buy promos like a dragon egg 500k and I simply can't pay for the resources now:(... So it would be great if I could have some funding for my museum:D!"
    "I'm planning to make a 3-Sport Arena, featuring Ice Hockey, Basketball, and Soccer/Futbol. With the 90k and helping hands, I would buy some quartz, get a 10k road edit (im building this on a 60x120 space), and more materials. All of these sports will be playable, but I need your help to make it happen :D. Oh, and I forgot to mention. I will expand this to accompany stands and have redstone each time someone scores, it will shoot fireworks. I hope to make this a huge stadium."

    Main Tower (Middle): The middle tower will have office floors, every office floor has 8 offices, every member gets a floor for free unless there are no offices left so basically only the members that joined first will get the offices unless someone quits/gives up there office. it is free to join.. 3 floors on the top will be the 3 owners penthouses. I hope I didn't miss anything.



    North Tower: Community Center, (this one is long) ok so this tower will be based on the community and helping people the first 2 floors will be combined and will have the following inside it:

    -Desks for advertising
    -Give and Take chests (leave an item, take an item) Dirt will be taken out as soon as possible
    -Teleports to every res/major spot in the 3x3 area
    -Every flag in the EMC flag shop
    -Public facilities

    On the floors above 1 & 2 will include:
    -Arenas for mini sports

    -Event Board: every event on the EMC event calender + events people tell me about


    East Tower: Funpark, The Funpark will be a res with many rides, it will be free to everyone and will include 4 statues of the owners + 1 alt. This res's rides are not officially decided since we don't know how much space we have but 1 is official, The B.T.B. (name here) Rollar coaster (name not decided) this rollar coaster will take you through minecraft, it will start on the statues heads and fall down into a hole and then it will turn into a mineshaft, the mineshaft will include a portal, you will drop down into a hole in front on the portal and will be taken to a nether like place then in a nether fortress were you will be taken to the end, were you fall in the void and see glowstone letters saying "Thank you for riding the B.T.B. (name here) Rollar coaster, come back soon!" You will then be taken to the top of the tower and into the museum.


    South East Tower: Museum, you know the basics of an EMC museum, but what makes this one different is the other sections, there will be floors including:

    -Community renamed items
    -Latest update's blocks & items (if they are possible to retrieve)
    -B.T.B.'s achievements

    There will also be a giant golden sheep with orange fur (until we get enough gold to make the whole thing gold)


    Tower ???: Storage/Auctions: Chests galore, 3 free chests for non-members and 10 for members


    Tower ???: Events: free access


    What is it?
    Welcome to a contest like no other. Have you every wanted to build something but didn't have the resources to build it? Now is your chance to get it made. The goal of this contest is to find a visionary with the best build idea. The only requirement is that it exists to benefit other players. This means that it will be a non-profit creation (so no stores or casinos). The building must also have some use other than looking cool (so no statues of Aikar). If you have an idea for something like this, then you may be on your way to winning and getting it built.

    What happens to the winner?
    If your idea trumps all others, you will receive everything you need to build it. This includes rupees and help from some sponsors. Check out the bottom of the page to see the sponsors and prize pool. We will work with you to help get the creation made.

    How are winners chosen
    For the first round, you must send me a pm as described above. Pretty much everyone who enters will make it past this round unless someone says your idea before you do or it doesn't follow the guidelines. After the first round, the community votes for the project they think deserves the most support. Whoever wins the voting is the contest winner.

    I would like to thank each sponsor. They are offering their services to help build the final product.

    Forever Co. - Byeforever's In-game Company -Byeforever will be a building consultant and guide.

    Helping Hands Digging Service - Offering their service for the winner

    Prize pool
    121 thousand rupees total!

    jkrmnj: 75k
    ClareMuss: 5k
    PenguinDJ: 10k
    FirstJugBurgerz: 10k
    Dj__krazy: 10k
    607: 10k
    IronicSwordPlay: 1k

    All donation can be sent to me, jkrmnj. I will check my history and add donators to the list.

    Thanks for reading!

    If you would like your service/ company to be a sponsor, just send me a pm and I will work out the details with you.
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  2. Sending you 10k for this now
  3. Psst, use the format eraser in the upper left corner of the text editor to fix those spoilers. :p
  4. thanks, I just fixed it.
    I added you to the donators list.
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  5. Idea two should win, something different to whats usually out there :)
  6. I'll donate, but how do we vote?
    Never mind, there's a poll >.>
  7. I like idea 3! Its a really good idea:)
  8. sending u 1k for dis :)
  9. Updated the main thread with the new donations.
  10. We have a tie and tomorrow is the last day! Come on people, vote.
  11. Does voting end at like 11:59 PM on October 8th or tonight at midnight?
  12. what do you get when you get sponsored and what do sponsors get when they sponsor you?

    im a kid donna about this stuff:p!
  13. Sponsors offer their service. They get nothing but satisfaction in helping the community, my eternal thanks, and some advertisement on this thread. If you win, you will receive the sponsor's services.
    Voting ends at midnight Eastern time. In other words, about 2 hours from now.
  14. Voting Is Over. Idea 1 Wins.
  15. Gg "Idea 1," good competition my fellow SAM ;) I wish you all the luck on your project :)
  16. The winner is idea 1.

    Idea 1 was Techfilmer
    Idea 2 was karatekick2001
    Idea 3 was benthebobjr
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