[CONTEST] Design me a new signature. 25,000r prize!

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  1. As some of you may have noticed I am currently without a signature. I am looking for a new one. I have decided on creating a contest to find my next signature. Even if you are not good with creating the final design you can still earn rupees for coming up with the concept that the winning design uses. The signature will likely only be used here so EMC specific quotes and such are fine.
    Rough specs:
    • 600x100 if you are submitting an image.
    • No video or animated gifs - causes issues with some members.
    • Text signatures are fine but would need to be awesome.
    • Original.
    • Nothing too silly, according to EMC ads we have "Mature" staff.
    • Nothing too serious either, EMC is a FUN place.
    • You are welcome to use me being Scottish or British in the sig. I am proud of being Scottish and British.
    • Reference to senior staff abilities are cool. I can fly, teleport, use creative, World Edit and read your thoughts.
    • Use of my avatar is fine. It is Hal9000 from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.
    • No preference for any particular colours but think senior staff light green should make an appearance.

    Please post your submissions or ideas here and be prepared for public criticism. I will try and give frequent pointers on what I like and what I don't. Me saying I don't like your effort does not mean I don't appreciate the effort, just that I don't think it is suitable for me.

    Prizes: Each member who submits a decent effort (by my reckoning) will receive 1,000r. The winning design will receive 15,000r and the member who first came up with the concept of the winning design will receive 10,000r (both can and very likely be the same person).

    I will officially pick the winning design on Monday 5th of Aug. but it should be obvious who I have decided on before then.
  2. First.
    I have no hope of anything graphic design related so I'm not even going to try here.
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  3. Word signature, because of the rav'in yesterday :p
    "Big Davie Be Ravin'"
  4. I have an idea for it, anyone can customize it.
    The background is the scottish and brittish flag. In the middle, it says, in light green,"Bigdavie- the biggest of all Davies."
    On the left is Hal9000, and on the right are spawn eggs, sponges, bedrock, the /tpa command, and the worldedit wooden axe.
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  5. 1000r earned.
  6. :D
  7. I have an idea for it, anyone can customize it.

    The background will be Hal9000, the border of the signature will have mini scottich/brittish flagsn In the Middle is will say "BigDavie- Sr.Staff, Mind Reader, and the unknown identity" (since he always likes to uh scare people :p)
    Floating around in the inside of the circle of Hal9000 will be a wooden axe, a flying bigdavie, one of those mindreading balls, and a smiling evil face (because well BigDavie is evil :p).

    [Anything that is in text shall be in sr staff colored light green :)]
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  8. I'll definitely try to make you one, but I can't access my computer (with Photoshop and Cinema 4D OTC it) until at least next week.. If nobody has won up till then I'll make you the bossiest 3D signature in the world..

    Anyway, since it'll probably have been won by then, I'll throw an idea out there if anyone wants to use it, though you'd have to have decent experience with Photoshop and Cinema 4D to make a use out of it:

    In the center, C4D MoText with around 75 thickness tilted slightly downward from viewpoint; text "Big Davie"; light green reflective material. Below that, in smaller text with same thickness and tilt, MoText that says "Senior Staff" with the same material. Add in your general lighting to make the reflection look nice; a decent lens flare won't hurt. Moving over to Photoshop, add in a 60-70% opacity wooden axe, teleport flash, and bedrock scattered around the C4D layer. Throw in some particle effects if you want, and that should do it!
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  9. I'm going to watch this thread to see what gets created...
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  11. Alright my idea sound simple but it is probably harder then it sounds. The signature will contain a giant size bigdavie smashing the minecraft terrain with debris flying off into many direction. This will be placed in the middle or the left of the signature. Having it to the left would make it easier to have a focused text. the text would say (from bot to top) easy,normal,hard,chuck norris, asain, bigdavie. Then put world editor somewhere in there.
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  12. Seeing as I am indebted to you for your assistance already, I have a moral obligation to attempt this. :)
    Hiyo, Photoshop, awaaaayyy.... /o/
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  13. I got this. Photoshop classes taught me well ;)
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  14. I hope this isn't toohard but, for this sig, I would suggest:
    • Background: Pattern of all or most of the ore blocks, kind of faded out. Not flat but king of 3D like.
    • Background choice 2: Have a tornado of blocks and flying players behind Bigdavie, making Bigdavie look like a god.
    • Text to the right part of the Sig: Light green words saying:"Bigdavie, proud senior staff of Emc and proud Scottish"
    • Image to the right: Bigdavie facing out, fanning out spawn eggs in one hand, and holding a sponge, a fire item, and command block.
    • Text on the top part:"One message from the EMC servers: Bigdavie OP!"
    I hope this idea works. Thanks.
  15. Opinions? Anything i should add? This is Davie walking away from an explosion with a hat made out of Scottish and British Flags.
  16. 1000r earned.

    Not sure about the hat, but like explosions.
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  17. Alright lemme see what i can do.
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  18. Untitled-1.jpg
    Also, anything else youd like on there? I have photoshop open ready to go :p
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