Contest! Design a youtube avatar!

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  1. As you can see in the title you can guess that I am starting a youtube channel! The name is Sprintingrhino if you want to look it up and check it out! This contest is for whoever can design the best avatar for my profile that fits my youtube name!

    Entries: Send me a PRIVATE message containing the image and how you created it and why you made it the way you did!

    Entries due. 2 weeks from now. March 18th at 6:00 mountain time.

    Prize: The part you have all been waiting for. ONE DOUBLE CHEST OF STONE OR STONE BRICKS, ONE DOUBLE CHEST OF ANY COLOR OF WOOL YOU WANT, AND 10,000R!

    have fun you guys and good luck!

    PS remember my youtube name is SprintingRhino, not runningrhino.
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  2. I'll make sure to enter :D
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  3. Why not runninhrhino? :p
  4. It was taken boss.... I dont know by who...
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  6. I looked up your channel on Youtube, but didn't find anything. Maybe you could make a link to your channel in the OP?
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  9. anyone else? I need more than 1 entry to decide
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  10. Anyone else?
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  11. ill make one give me a bit
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  12. ill try and make one if I have time. To make it easier, what type of videos will you be making? will they be minecraft related?
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  13. Minecraft of course
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  14. ok cool I'll try and fit making one into my schedule I do have a 2 week long vacation ;)
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  15. alright! good luck!
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  16. Hm... Bump? :p
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  17. I only got your entry math. I can't just judge off one...
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  18. Sure you can. Hmmm one, entry, Matheus wins!
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  19. :D I want to thank my family, the academy, and everyone who supported me in this battle!
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