[CONTEST] Chisel Me This

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Sep 2, 2015.

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    /v emc9-5 on smp9

    WeirdManaico (now Hattorisfate)
    /v emc5-4 on smp5

    Defne_b_ded (now Rhythmically)
    /v emc1-4 on smp1

    Honorable Mentions (receive 10k each)
    ContributionTeam (now Erektus)
    /v emc8-8 on smp8

    /v emc1-1 on smp1

    Here's how it works...You'll start with a block of solid dirt on one 60 x 60 residence from bedrock to height limit minus two (for a teleport). You will only have the ability to destroy on the residence. Using tools and your skills, you will shape your block of dirt into a masterpiece. Then, on October 3rd, 2015 at (or very near) the stroke of midnight which is 11:59 pm EMC time, your ability to destroy is taken away and the sculpture will turn to stone.

    If at any time you mess up, you can request a restart which will include receiving a brand new block of dirt to destroy. There are no partial restarts. It is all or nothing.

    1st place: Empire Sculptor's Block + 250,000r
    2nd place: 125,000r
    3rd place: 62,500r

    This contest is limited to the first 81 people that fill out an entry form (because that's how many residences we have).
    To enter, please fill out the following form:

  2. Nice, I shall try and participate in this contest :).
  3. Just signed up! Love this idea. I have an extra res. I'm not doing anything with. So if the 81 limit is met and some needs another res. Can I donate it for the length of the event? Lol not wanting to give it away, just loan it, just to clarify :p
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  4. This is a great idea. May the dirtiest man/woman win.
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  5. Oh, sounds fun! Definitely participating. :)
  6. gonna carve me a set of abs... get it... chiseled abs..... sorry everyone, I'll go home now
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  7. Quite a creative contest! :) I have entered and am ready to chisel! :D
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  8. Signed up will we get noticed if we get in
  9. Sweet signed up! Can't wait!
  10. Due to the nature of residence control, I can't allow this. Sorry.
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  11. Me too have entered and am ready to show what I got
  12. I hope I made it :confused:
    If so, I can't wait! I'm already brainstorming ideas
  13. i am so trying i hope i win i need a prize XD
  14. Just signed up, this looks sweet! :D
  15. When will we find out when we made it or not?
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  16. Will we be notified if we get in
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  17. Understandable ^_^ maybe I can at least help donate towards it if that's an option
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