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  1. Hey there. I write occasionally (which some may know cause I normally spam the forums with random snippets from series) and am working on a new series, Eternal Tunes.

    The story stars 5 girls, who form a band together and enter a competition where bands face off and fight to the death. They fight with instruments, that can transform into weapons, and when used together to create "jawsome" music becomes of the world's most feared weapons. To give you guys some reference here's the draft to the introduction.

    Band Brawling. An intense competition between two major bands wielding powers from their instruments to battle to the death. Eternal Tunes, a band consisting of only girls, has none of the talent or prowess as any other band. With their instruments as weapons Eternal Tunes must be victorious or they must face death.
    This is their chance. Will they finally fulfill their dream? In-between the fights, the intense romance, and the evil corporation trying to kill them at any costs, you'll have to see...

    So the contest is simple. You must create the 5 girls of Eternal Tunes, if I like your character I'll pay you 2000 rupees. (10,000 total) This is not limited to 1 person, I'll pay the creator of the character I like so if I like two of your characters you'll receive 4000 rupees.

    Simply fill out this form for every character you make.

    Character's Name:
    Age (must be 18-25):
    Instrument (Guitar, Drums, Mic, Bass, Piano):
    Looks (Clothes, Hair color, eye color, physical features):
    Personality (Happy, depressed, ecstatic, energized):

    Good luck!

  2. Pauline. She's 19 years old. She plays piano. She has long, black hair and likes the colour orange. Blue eyes. She's longer than average and can be a bit clumsy. She's very light-hearted and friendly though.
    One of her biggest strengths is her power with computer and the internet. Give her a pc with access to the net and within hours she'll be able to get any information you want.

    Good? :)