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  1. So I am currently building some sort of project at 205 on smp1 and I'm not really sure what to call it or what to use it for so empire that's where you come into play I want you to suggest ideas for what to call it and what to use it for, the best idea (in my opinion) will win 5,000 rupees.
  2. Make it a Beacon factory.
    Start a business with 2 sectors, an Economic Sector, and a Wither Sector.

    Within the Economic Sector, have employees attempt to gather resources such as Glass, Obsidian, Soul Sand, and anything which will help them obtain those. Create a Wild base to do this. If possible, have a few working there full-time with one or two runners to transport resources to your res. Once you have enough Glass and Obsidian to last you a few months, pack up, leave, and redistribute workers to the Wither Department.
    Also have them run a small Tree factory within your res in order to create an income to buy Glass/Obsidian/Soul Sand, as well as enchanted weapons and armor for Wither fights.
    Another type of farm you could run could be this 8,000 ingot-per-hour Iron Golem farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75ezHbYDSf8

    In the Wither Department, have employees scout for Wither Skulls in the Nether. Have them set up a makeshift base there to supplement this. Have them find as many as possible, again with a few full-time workers and a runner to run skulls into your res. Once a surplus of Wither Skulls is attained, allocate some Wither Department workers to build an arena in the factory to construct and fight the Withers, using any weapons/armor attained from the Economic Sector.

    Once Withers get killed, use the Nether Stars and the rest of the resources to craft Beacons, and auction them off on the forums for lots of monies. Share your money fairly, and try not to have too many workers (try to help out departments as much as possible).

    Here's a plan of your hypothetical beacon factory:
    Basement: Wither Arena
    Ground Floor: Reception Area, chestshops to sell farmed resources, notices
    First Floor: Storage, Furnaces, Crafting
    Second Floor and up: Farms for resources, for monies, for weapons/armor

    I can haz rupees?
  3. Very nice idea.

    Make a sky scraper! With a beacon factory ;)
  4. :p
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  5. How about a nether fort?
    Or join-up with a diamond donator and make a GIANT BOMB BUILDING on your residence. When its finished, get creative.
  6. Still looking for more ideas.