[CONTEST] Build your own dream house

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft!
    Today I am here to hold a contest about building. Everyone can build. From Dirt Shacks, To Giant Mansions! So I would love to make this Contest :) I Love building and i would love to see everyone's work as well :D
    Build your house on creative or Single
    Pm me your build via the fourms
    No Alts
    Only 1 entry per player

    So Build your own house, Pm me what you have done, and I will choose 3 winners

    Of course, Prize :)
    1St Place - 11k and a stack of Diamonds Plus 2 Fire aspect 2 books
    2nd Place - 7k And a stack of Emralds Plus 2 stacks of TnT
    3rd Place - 3k And A stack of iron Plus 2 stacks of Shiny arrows
    Donations are accepted and everyone is aloud to enter :)

    The Deadline is 8/18/2013
    So You have a month to build :)
  2. And here is my entry to show you guys one of my houses i would love to live in :)
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  3. This is my thing.. Give me 5 days and I got this.

    When's the deadline?
  4. Ok :D Glad to see somebody wants to try
  5. The Deadline is 8/18/2013
    So You have a month to build :)
  6. That's.. A long time. I'll probably forget about this by then lol. A creative home should only take a few days.. I'd suggest like a week or two?
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  7. Ill participate. I will start right away
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  8. Ah Yea Maybe ill change it to 2 weeks :)
  9. no dont change it to two weeks. It will take me much longer than that to build my house
  10. No. Not another .Gif thread xD
  11. So about a month? That is a perfect amount of time in my opinion. Now to get to work.
  12. My house :)

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  13. Please Pm on the fourms with your entry :)
  14. You can take as much time as you like. You have a month to make A Huge House :)
  15. Bookmarking. /thread watched.
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  16. Challenge accepted.
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  17. Who will be voting for the winner?

    I'll enter. Can we only build modern or victorian, too?