[CONTEST] Build-a-bration

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  1. Build-a-bration
    Hosted & judged by: BlinkyBinky, Patr1cV, and Salmatic

    In celebration of our birthdays, we've decided to host a themed building contest! There will be 3 opportunities to participate, each a different day, a different time, and a different theme. Prizes are included.

    If you wish to participate, just reply down below or message me in-game with the date you intend to come. There are only 16 slots open for each day, so a total of 48 different people can join. Alts aren't allowed. First come, first serve.

    Once you have done this, you will receive the build flag, an access chest, and a 14 x 14 plot. However, move will be off the residence until the event begins, so no one can get a head start. Please don't bring your own building blocks; these will be provided. Materials won't be revealed either, surprises are fun after all :rolleyes:. You'll also be given 25 minutes to complete your build and you may keep any extra supplies you didn't use.

    *Any interference with someone else's build will result in disqualification and flags will be immediately removed.

    Dates & Times
    Day 1:
    • Friday, January 15th
      • 11 p.m
    Day 2:

    • Saturday, January 16th
      • 9 a.m
    Day 3:

    • Sunday, January 17th
      • 3 p.m
    * Please note all times are in accordance to the est time zone (emc time). And however, the dates won't change, the times may be subject to.

    Event Location
    smp4, res 9444

    Day 1: Day in the life of a nub

    • Build as if you were a new player.
    Day 2: Daydream

    • Build what your heart desires.
    Day 3: Shipwreck

    • Build in relation to bodies of water.
    Day 1:

    • 1st place - Headless Horseman Axe (unused)
    • 2nd place - Meteor Bow (unused)
    • 3rd place - 2015 Labor Bench
    Day 2:

    • 1st place - Mineral Mincer (unused)
    • 2nd place - 2015 Labor Bench
    • 3rd place - Stable voucher
    Day 3:

    • 1st place - Feast for a King
    • 2nd place - 5 Vault Vouchers
    • 3rd place - 2015 Labor Bench
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  2. 1. Walter_OBrien - Day 1
    2. ww2fan168
    3. Moonglum_
    4. Netherworld666
    5. ChamelonNYC
    6. jasonpenguin
    17. Omni_Christ_ 13 - Day 2
    18. AndrewTheFrog
    19. Trombone Steve
    20. Mercenaries2009
    21. PinkCaker_Senpai
    22. Haastregt
    33. SageCREEPER - Day 3
    34. Tahitan
    35. WitherDoggie
    36. EmoryCrafts
  3. First: I won't be participating myself but I just want to compliment you guys on this idea. Sounds awesome!
    Second: Are donations accepted?
    Third: I hope you never have to use this but: /res kick is now also a thing, might be useful to keep this in mind.

    wow, finally a short(er) message and that on a Friday evening? I am improving ;)
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  4. Donations aren't necessary, but I mean, if you really want to it'd be highly appreciated :). I've known about res kick, but there really shouldn't be a use for it in this case.
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  5. You tired Shell? :p
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  6. Will compete!
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  7. I'll compete on the 3rd one. The Jan 17 3:00 one, if I am correct?
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  8. I will take one for the Friday night at 11.
    Thanks :)
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  9. I can Do day 2
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  10. I'd like to participate in the friday night one
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  11. I should be able to come to day 2, so I'll sign up for day 2. Sounds fun!
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  12. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  13. Cool idea! I'm pretty sure u already asked me, but when it gets closer and u need more people ill be willing to join!:) But intell then no thx. :D
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  14. I can do day 3.
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  15. Should I bring a shovel and a pick to fix misplaced blocks or bring nothing at all?
  16. Go ahead and bring tools.