[Contest] Are you a true EMC'ian?

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about a contest I'm hosting :). It's a build contest. The object of the contest is to build a pixel-art of Krysyyjane9191's skin. There are a few simple details I need to lay out to help you :). So get ready!

    Contest Object
    This contest is a build contest. All you need to do is build Krysyyjane9191's skin.

    This build does not need to be on EMC. You can build it in a realm, or in a Singleplayer world. Either one is fine. Although, if you'd like to build it in EMC, I'm fine with that.

    Starting Time and Deadline
    Starting time: Monday (tomorrow), 2:59 EMC Time.
    Deadline: December 1rst, 5:59 EMC Time.

    To submit your forum, please go to hellokittyro.typeform.com/to/IHPp9H to enter it! Please answer the questions carefully.

    We have a few rules for this competition. Please follow the carefully, or you could be disqualified.
    1. Don't make it an inappropriate build.
    2. Take your time.
    3. Don't copy other people's work.
    4. Make sure you don't make somebody else's skin.
    5. Don't put your picture in the comments section. You may PM it to me if needed.
    6. Have fun building!
    I hope you enjoy my contest! I think you'll do great :)

  2. Winners:
    1st Place:
    2nd Place:
    3rd Place:

    Image links:

    1st: 10,000 rupees, and a free Shop Voucher for the 4390 Mega Mall!
    2nd: 8,500 rupees, and a free %50 Off Paper for the 4390 Mega Mall!
    3rd: 3,000 rupees, and 5 heads.

    Thank you for participating!
  3. This is not a real website or working link. :)
  4. That's some innovative spelling.

    Nonetheless, that's an interesting contest. Can't wait to see what some people make :D
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  5. Fixed the link.
  6. I am a Emparian. Im not a Emparian Minecrafter because, well, I connect to the Emparian community in many other ways than just MC, sooo.... Can i participate?
  7. Sure. Just build a KrystalJane9191 skin =) (Krystal is Krysyy's real name =P)
  8. How big does Krysyy's skin have to be (you should know because you want to be a "math finalest")?
  9. You should ask b4dman5imon he loves contests like these !
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  10. Bump! Let's go EMC'ians!
  11. I never put that.
  12. were does it say 1rsto?
  13. 1rst, not 1rsto. That was my bad, but it should just be 1st :p
  14. I don't worship Krysyy, so I guess I'm not a true EMCian, whatever that is.

    I'm an Empirian though.
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  15. Bump! Some responses are looking good :)

    I like the Pixel Arts!
  16. How does being capable to pixelize a skin make someone a true member of something?

    Just curious; want to know your logic behind this.
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  17. Can I make mine with invisible paint? It's a real thing, one sold for 5 million US dollars recently..
  18. If I do make mine, can it be a sprite like this,

    or does it have to be an ingame thing, like this?