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  1. Hey EMC!

    Today I'm hosting a contest for all you english fanatics out there! Basically, I want you to analyse this poem and find every poetic device in the poem, when you find a device simply put in brackets next to it what the device is.

    Then explain to me what the subject matter, theme, emotions, poetic devices and purpose of the poem is.
    Whoever does this successfully within the next 4 - 5 days will win an unused ore buster as soon as I have verified their answer! This shouldn't take you too long to do! GOODLUCK!


    P.S. Scroll down a little bit to get to the poem, you must analyse it all!
  2. This sounds like homework or something :p
  3. What about the other 58 pages of the poem? Do we have to spend the $9.95?
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  4. no! hahah, as if I would make you spend $9.95! It's just the poem that's written on the site! :)
  5. Bump! Remember you can win an unused orebuster!
  6. i can't do more homework no no no 58 pages WHO WOULD WRITE A POEM THAT LONG

    sounds cool but.....
  7. Don't be lazy, do your homework :p If you can't find anyone to do it, here's some stuff to help you out
    I should warn anyone that from what I can interpret in the OP, the winning of this contest is based off of Joshy's teacher's decision, not his. That being said, there will need to be honesty from Joshy and if necessary, staff involvement for the authenticity of the answers given. I'm also going to discuss the contest in general with other staff
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  8. Thanks for the tips Alex really appreciate it!

    Just an FYI for every else, this is the poem and please disregard the other 59 pages! :p

    There's a tale that begins in the sand hills
    That I would like to tell,
    Built from myth and many legends,
    And my pen it does compel.

    The desert's a hot, a hostile place,
    Nothing's changed since time began,
    There's a hazy unreality there
    As if it, in the dreamtime was planned.

    The noon of the day is so hot and still,
    And over all an expectant hush,
    Like a canvas that's waiting impatiently
    For the touch of the artists brush.

    The fire of the day can change swiftly
    To the night of startlingly cold,
    Many legends are told of the people
    Who live in this land so old.

    The people who live there are wanderers,
    Are constantly moving around
    In search for a way of existence,
    Staying briefly where water is found.

    They know of the permanent waters,
    And the places to which they return,
    But as rain doesn't fall very often
    Conservation is their main concern.

    The desert's a place of stark beauty,
    A place that grips at the heart,
    A place of which these nomads
    Are a living, breathing part.

    Each tribe has a tract of country,
    And on this others don't poach,
    Though they meet on far horizons
    They warn of their imminent approach.

    This tale tells a warriors story,
    From the magical day of his birth,
    Tells his happiness and his sorrows,
    Tells his days upon this earth.

    Many hardships he experienced,
    But there was joy and laughter too,
    Where the desert is of hot red sand
    Where the sky is a perfect blue.

    And if you ask me where I got them,
    The tales, the stories that unfold,
    I will tell you in the desert
    Where the sands are never cold.

    From the wanderers who at sundown
    Would appear there as if waiting
    For those intruders self destruction,
    Never trusting, always hating.

    From the stars that in the night sky
    Saw it all from its inception,
    From the sun that beats relentless,
    From the desert sands deception.

    From the trees, the shrubs, the flowers,
    From the birds in the branches nesting,
    From the snakes, the ants, the insects,
    From the lizards quietly resting.

    From the winds that swept the sand hills,
    Blowing twisters in the sky,
    From the wild dog and the emu,
    from the eagles wary eye.

    From the hush that spreads so endless
    Over the plain in the early morn,
    From the chorus of the voices
    That are heard as the daylight dawns.

    Some breathed from the very heat of
    This timeless, silent land,
    Some told in song and dances,
    In the movement of a hand.

    Yes, I gathered of these legends
    When I lived in that far, lonely place,
    When I knew of Bimi the warrior,
    Though I never saw his face.

    Much of what I tell is authenic,
    Is the way life used to be,
    And I put it down on paper
    The way it was told to me.

    But some is shrouded, deep in mystery
    And I had to guess at most of that,
    Though I gathered,with some innuendo,
    That, basically, these are the facts.

    Many times in the distance I've seen them
    As they wandered about the land,
    And often, in silence, they'd be there
    Where to touch them I'd stretch out my hand.

    But these times were so seldom and fleeting,
    That a dream they would seem to me,
    Then they'd melt in the hazy horizon,
    As if they'd ceased to be.

    At these times I'd be left with a feeling
    Of intrusion, so hard to dismiss,
    I should leave, go far from the desert,
    And I knew they were waiting for this.

    I knew that the sense of belonging
    Was theirs and theirs alone,
    I knew there were many disasters
    For which we would have to atone.

    Hence this story I am telling
    And somehow it may repay
    Those proud people of the desert,
    In some small, humble way.

    So come with me on a journey,
    To a time that was long, long ago,
    To where Bimi had his beginning,
    To the land where the sand hills grow.

    Read with me this ballad of Bimi,
    Know his troubles and his joy,
    Come back, lets start on the dusty plain,
    At the time when he was but a boy.

    - See more at: http://www.australian-information-stories.com/epic-poetry.html#sthash.ILIq6ZdV.dpuf
  9. Create a poem then analyze one... great...
  10. Nearly finished.
  11. I got the exact same assignment ._. What if we secretly went to the same school? :eek:
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  12. ^ WHAT id laugh so hard
  13. that would be interesting :p
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  14. you don't have to create one ?
  15. when your finished send it to me in private message and if I think its well done then congratulations you've won yourself an ore buster
  16. The EMC event one :p
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  17. ahhh okay!
  18. progress update?
  19. i don't know if I found all of them....