[Contest] A New IGN (75k prize)

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  1. Hello my dear friends.
    I am ready to change my minecraft name. My current name suits me well as I love chocolate and I'm studying to become a doctor but I feel I need something that has more identity. I have one name in mind and I'd like to hear your suggestions. The best suggestion gets 75k even if I choose to use the one I have in mind. I'd like to see a few things incorporated into the name. I need my first name, Subhan, to be in it somehow. I am also extremely proud of my heritage (Pakistani) so if you can work that in some way, that'd be great but it's not compulsory. You need to have a MAXIMUM of three suggestions, this includes alts, etc. If you are found cheating you will be disqualified but if I like your name the most the runner-up will receive the prize. This will go on until September 12th at 4:00 PM EMC Time.
    Good luck,
    Dr_Chocolate14/(Insert New Name Here)
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  2. First :p
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  3. Chocolate_Subhan
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  4. MatawanMonster (Where you live)
    PakistanipillagerPhD (Cause y'know... PVP)

    That's what I have at this point in time.
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  5. I'll go simple and say DoctorSubhan. It's simple but effective, at least that's the way I see it :p
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  6. Why is there a maximum of three suggestions per person?
  7. I don't want people to go ahead and suggest 20 and take away others' ideas. It makes t more fair for everyone.
  8. SubhanChaklate - glorious is chocolate in Arabic/Urdu.
    Subhan_Sahab - Nice alliteration, with the Urdu honorific.
    ChakiPaki - Probably offensive, but catchy!
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  9. Bump! Great suggestions so far, I'd like to see yours if you haven't posted them!
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  10. The_Chocomonster
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  11. Bring up my post.
  12. Dr_Subhan
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  13. SubhanPhdInChocolate
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  14. While they all sound lovely, they exceed the Minecraft username length limit (max 16 characters).
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  15. SubhanHero


    And the un-creative but obvious choice:
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  16. Guys, the winner gets 75k. Why are only a handful of people interested?
  17. because they are kind enough not to enter so we win :p