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  1. Hello fellow EMC People, today I am asking you master builders for some help and in reward you will earn some $$$.

    My plan is to start being more active on EMC again, and to get back in the groove I would like to open an ores&minerals shop, but you see I am a terrible designer... This is where you come in play, I would like YOU to design me a shop that has enough room for all ores and minerals and maybe some extra chest shop chests for a few other random things I have in surplus.

    What you do:

    Start up a creative world and build a nice design, I dont want something that takes up more than half a res. Use any materials you want that you think will look good. Once complete with the build take a screenshot and PM it to me with the title "Ore Shop Design", whoever's shop design I like the best I will ask for the world download (I dont know how you put it up for download, I only know how to download it xD). 1.7 ITEMS ARE ALLOWED ESPECIALLY DARK OAK.
    EDIT: This is how you make a world downloadable.

    Each submission I receive will get 500r, you may submit more than once but only receive the 500r once.

    The winning submission will receive 15,000r.

    November 30th

    I hope everyone enjoys this little contest, and I hope I get a few submissions at least.

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  2. Is there an amount of times we can submit? Because I have quite a few designs
  3. Submit as many as you want but you only get the 500r once... I will edit into OP.
  4. My entry is at 3819. Smp 2.
  5. nothing I saw on your res was big enough to put all the ores plus a few extra chests, I would also like it if it were on a creative world so that you can implement 1.7 items. *hint hint*
  6. Already got it on a creative world :)
  7. Would you prefer it be fully inside or have supports and be able to walk out anywhere?
  8. Post screenshot?
    Whatever you think looks cool :)
  9. And one more thing, can we use beacons? If so, how many?
  10. No more than lets say, 4.
  11. 500r for you :)
  12. Bump for you late night people.
  13. I say its bump time!
  14. Bump... Only one submission thus far...
  15. Er... do you prefer "Ore Stew" or "The Ore Lodge" as the name of your store? :p Or something else, of course. My design is coming along well!
  16. I hadnt even thought of a name yet, but "the ore lodge" sounds cool, might use that :p
  17. So... what does that mean exactly? :)