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  1. So I just lost about 10k-20k rupees worth of gear when the connection went south.. The zombies were jumping all over the place in lag teleports, and I was dead without even being able to fight back and my party member was trying to retrieve my gear when lag made creeper fireworks all over the place with no chance of surviving it followed by an immediate disconnection..
  2. Yeah, this is affecting me too and a friend. Not just you.
  3. Very annoying!
  4. The only problem is that even with these issues, the staff have a rule that they will not reimburse items even if it is a server error that causes the items to go bye-bye..
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  5. I am the other party member there wasn't only one creeper there was two and 2 zombies I managed to kill both of the zombies and one creeper but by the time I got to the second creeper it blew up
  6. If you need any gear Autumn lemme know I got you covered. :D
  7. mobs and lagging are crazy on this server least on my computer XD
  8. XD the creeper that blew up after I killed the other three mobs ... I didn't mean to take a picture of it I was trying to get my home bar back open I just realized I accidently took this screen shot
  9. I have been out in the wild with 3 accounts on the same laptop, on smp6 for the last few days, but i have yet to get this issue. Could be your location, as there have been some server data center moving around's, I had a issue a while back when there was some issues server data center they closed down in new york, but i have not had any issues since.
  10. I can see how frustrating and unfair that may sound, but the problem is 2 fold. It is very hard for staff to make sure that what you tell them about these events is true. And with that I don't necessarily mean that the server did or didn't have any lag spikes, but that you were actually suffering from them and lost your items.

    Take for example what happened to you now. Say it happened to 3 other players; how easy would it be for me to write up a story on how I got affected as well, point to your stories and also start asking for my items back?

    Ok, ok; I'd probably get weird looks because I've been using my voters armor all over the place and you can't actually lose that, but even so...

    If your loss included a sword then I can probably come up with a replacement. I have 3 decently / good enchanted swords in my storage which I purchased for using and so far I haven't touched any of them. So if you need one then look me up in-game and I'll let you have a look at them. If one is to your liking you're free to have it.
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  11. Its fine.. But yeah, I know what you mean.. Another server that I play on had an issue with the 1.8 update that made the items in about 95% of the player chests in the world and instead of reimbursing everyone, they made special mobs that dropped all of the prior event items that went poof when the chests were emptied and the blamed the item disappearance on these mobs.. xD
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