Connection problems possibly 1.3.2 related

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  1. Okay so is there something up with the servers all of a sudden today?

    I was on earlier saw the servers are updated to 1.3.2 so I finally updated as well. I have been going around the different servers every now and then and it either takes like a minute or so before it finally connects up or like usual I get the

    "failed to verify username! [internet]"

    something like that. I also have been kinda like booted off the server once or twice from maybe lag spikes? (I haven't noticed anything).

    But yeah this is the first iv seen this happening iv been in 1.3.1 until today when I finally updated so idk if all of a sudden the new update with the servers being updated is making logging in more difficult or if the servers are having problems. Anyone been having this problem since updating to 1.3.2 or just today/tonight?
  2. I'm getting

    "Took to long to log in"

    Anyone else having this issue?
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  3. Yep I forgot to mention that one to. But iv only gotten it like maybe a couple times. Not every time.
  4. Just happened again "Took to long to log in" :p So I am guessing this is a server problem not 1.3.2 since I haven't heard about this anywhere else.
  5. I got that
  6. Keep trying, I had these issues about 2 hours ago and am online fine now. You just need some persistence and it will work :)
  7. Its not that I can't get in.. I can.. it just takes time.. the problem is I am going between servers. Its kinda annoying having to wait 2-5 minutes to log into a server for a little while then want to go to another server and go through that again.
  8. I see you problem. However it is not a client 1.3.2 issue as I have been running that since its launch without issues. Annoying as it is I suggest you keep a level head and try to plan your day to make as few server hops as possible until an Administrator is available to look further into the issue for us.
  9. You are pointing the finger at the wrong "source" of the connection problems.
    You need to point your finger at the Mojang account services. If your account is Migrated, you will have troubles with connecting more than the standard Minecraft account. They are having trouble with updating their code base. I don't understand all of the tweets, but it alludes to McGyvering code rather than full fledged professional fixes as of right now.
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  10. I know that now it was just a big coincidense that I updated then all of a sudden I got this problem the same day/time I updated and didn't see any other posts about it at the time. I hadn't done any research yet so I figured I would ask on here to see if anyone else had been having it since 1.3.2 updates (which many people did a week ago already) or if it just started today.

    Also I am aware it could be mojang as well but since I don't go on other servers other then emc this was the first possible source of the problem.

    And no my account is not migrated. I never signed up for the mojang account thing im still just minecraft. So there! :p
  11. Let me be more specific: They are McGyvering the Account Management/Log-in servers that both migrated Mojang accounts and standard Minecraft accounts BOTH use. So there! :cool:
  12. Ohhhh okay. Man I can't believe I missed the term "McGyvering" the first time you said it since I always loved that show. Richard Dean Anderson is someone I hope to meet some day, since hes a good actor. :D I plan to go visit a friend of mine who lives where he does so yeah. :p
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  13. I tried to login and got " took to long to login " at first attempt, but tried again and got in. I logged of and it gave me the took to long again, I tried again and got in once again =P

    I did that few times actually haha :D
  14. I do not see any issues on the game servers themselves. This is usually related to Mojang issues.
  15. Darn You Mojang
  16. I am getting the following issue, can someone help me?

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  17. Next time please don't post on threads that are over 1 month old, and that is likely from the minecraft server's being screwy again.
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  19. I am just impressed that someone found a thread about this - instead of creating 9000 new threads about Mojang messing with our Minecraft experience
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  20. Yes I kept refreshing the site to see the " thread splosion" occur but too was shocked to only see A bumped one.
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