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  1. I'm new, obviously.
    So of course I'm interested in exploring the servers...
    Well, for some reason the first one won't let me on.
    Says it's not full...Could I just not be "whitelisted" or something?
    Curious of I'm doing something wrong.
    Here's the message I get:

    Connection Lost

    Internal exception: Connection reset

    :( I'm not a noob...just confused. heh.
  2. Did you update Minecraft? The new Minecraft just came out yesterday and it usually takes the servers a few days to update :)
  3. I did. I've actually been playing on various servers all day. Tried out a few of the free servers I found online but only came upon major lag or abusive grievers.
    I've tried restarting the client, I've tried in-browser, no avail.
    I can connect to other servers fine and it shows me that it's currently up with 16/60 people online.
  4. I've had this issue the last week or so,but I didn't really think much of it.
  5. I'm kinda bummed. My friend had a major internet connection problem and left me alone on a weird server.
    Then I magically came across this place and can't try out the server! Sad face!
  6. you will love this server.bassicaly griefer proof unless its in the wild or you give people build perms at your place.
  7. Basically, from what I've read, since you've updated to MC 1.2, you won't be able to connect until the servers are updated, or unless you find a way to downgrade your MC back to 1.1. There's numerous threads here on the forums about ways to do so. Good luck!
  8. That's what I've been looking for. Even some servers that claimed to be griefer free, were pretty terrible. I also really dislike PvP. We had built a house, and this guy found it. Started taking all our things out of our chests (because you couldn't lock your doors or chests) and would wait til we were crafting or something to kill us from behind. Worse than an Enderman! It was a temporary map as they were waiting for an update on a mod. Still, ruined my experience. Though I won't mention the server name cause I don't think they deserve a bad rep as a whole.
  9. Oh! I was under the impression they'd been updated.
  10. lol ya ik i love being able to lock stuff on this server.lots of money for it though.
  11. Worth it, I'm sure. People will do anything to not have to farm up their own materials to build/explore.
  12. thing that sucks though is if they reset the wild that money/chest is money back :(
  13. That sounds pretty awful :( once you get in, if anything like that happens here take a screenshot and the mods will take care of them quickly.
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  14. Although in regards to this coming update, Justin has mentioned likely allowing full refunds on chest locks and wilderness vault access in the time leading up to a reset, if it's necessary. If we're lucky, it won't be necessary.
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  15. if they reset the wild, there will be notice and you will be able to break your chests. if you break your chests normally you get half the money back, but if a reset happens i'm pretty sure there will be full refunds.
  16. no i have asked around no full refunds
  17. I'm sure it'll be a while of me adjusting to the server before losing my money becomes an issue. I'm still re-learning the game again as I've spent too much time in other ones. DX

    Apam- Yeah, unfortunately I had contacted the only admin that was online and because it was a "temporary map" they pretty much refused to hold up any rules and it was just every man/woman for themselves. Pretty terrible.
  18. i just asked my cat. she mewd that there will be.
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  19. lol raenis, you keep beating me :D i'm gonna go back in my box lol
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