Congratulations to Krysyyjane9191, Ignoramoose and GameKribJim on Senior Staff!

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  1. Last Night, Krysyyjane9191, Ignoramoose and GameKribJim became the 3rd, 4th and 5th members to the exclusive Senior Staff Group. I don't know if this had anything to do with them becoming Senior Staff, but a little while after that, Ender Dragons, Withers, Marlixes and Momentuses were unleashed in the Wastelands of Smp2. The Marlixes were shooting rapid fire flaming arrows. Very Exciting.

    Congrats to our new Senior Staff!
  2. :eek: congratulations!
  3. Congrats! =)
  4. Congrats to all senior staff!
  5. congrats to them all, [RUMOR]Krysyyjane9191 had a nice red dragon costume that won at Mincon, I think that why she was promoted[/RUMOR]
  6. Everyone was promoted because of the efforts and devotion they put towards EMC. :p
  7. spending 36 hours in making a costume and travelling the likely-to-be-long distance to Minecon to promote EMC is devotion, so I believe it would be fair to say that if nothing else, the costume contributed, and rightly so :p

    but daaaaaaamn! Jimmy! Kryssy! Moose-y! Congratulatations, and all the best in your most excellent term of servitude as Senior Staff!
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  8. Does it anyones OCD that the senior staff number is now odd?
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  9. LOL. It's more than just that though. :p
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  10. Congratulations all staff members! :p I was just about to post this to haha.
  11. Well, the Admin Team must be psychic because they were apparently considered months ago.
  12. We should have Staff Appreciation Month for November. =P
  13. But of course. Watch this.

    Admins, I'm thinking of a number between -∞ and ∞. Tell me what it is.