Congratulations to all EMC Staff!

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  1. Over the past weeks, we have gotten lots of the staff members upgrading ranks, becoming moderators, and even coming back as moderators. I would like to take this time to dedicate them and welcome them to the new Staff team. Congratulations to all new/returning/upgrading EMC Staff members. :D

    List(will be updated once more come)
  2. Go EMC Staff!
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  3. I am so happy to have edmund back and it is great to have superdog arround. I can guess wildkblonde will be next on the green team. Jim, moose, and krysyy all deserve senior but the odd numbers hurt my OCD. Thank you for serving us and may your banhammers stay strong.
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  4. Congratulations to me for being a hamster.
  5. Very modest.
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  6. But we don't even know what type of hamster you are. Maybe you're secretly a guinea pig
  7. Jackbiggin before mod:
    Jackbiggin after mod:
  8. It seems like a lot of the staff members are getting there hammers sharpened, lol.
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  9. Well senior staff have ban swords
  10. The difference?
  11. You can't cut someone in half with a hammer.
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  12. Grats!
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  13. Oo you can just takes some arm strength to do it.
  14. If you can split a person in half with your elbow, you can with a hammer
  15. Congrqts to all our new/returning staff members :) After those few got upgraded, smp2 war started :p
  16. Bump. :p I am preparing for new staff members to come.
  17. EMC staff rule! Woot Woot...:)